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Okay I am not 100% sure if I should post this in feedback or bugs is okay, but parts of it are bugs and I do not have the patience to seperate it and make 2 posts, simply out of annoyance I was already having, and those annoyances are now getting pretty bad. Which might end up with me and my pals quitting sooner rather than later.

  1. For as long as I remember, since years back there have already been approved mods. These mods improve so much on the game, and I am willing to say more than one thing should have been in the game. Some of these mods have been removed because fatshark decided to implement that stuff in the main game (which is great, good job on that). However as long as I remember, almost every update simply messes up 1 or more mods in a small or big way. This is no big issue when there is an active player/modder behind it fixing it in no time. However sometimes they already moved on, and patches take longer (of course this depends on your level of patience), or won’t be there at all. However it simply annoys me that it when you approve those mods, try and install preferably all of them, and test run to see if you aren’t breaking mods. It kind of frustrates me, that modders take the time to improve on YOUR game with what feels like some heavy essential stuff in my eyes, and with every update you give them a big middlefinger, and therefor also the players playing with those approved mods.

  2. You broke the okri challenge book. Okay, you were aware quickly and it seems patched, but now I look in my book cause I have a ton of marks on it and guess what? None of those marks can be claimed because I do not own the winds of magic (a DLC that has been reviewed as miserable garbage, though I have to agree that a lot of reviews are garbage reviews themselves). Previously the okri challenge book was perfect, saying I didnt have those DLC, so there was no reward to claim, and the stars and red lines dissapear. NOW I have to check the book and every page has marked entries and I have to check them to see if I actually achieved a challenge for the other DLCs, or the main game, which makes the mark system for the book UTTER GARBAGE AND USELESS! So thanks for making that worse instead of better. So yeah I simply consider this as a bug, or incomplete improvement. Showing me I can claim it if I have the DLC is fine, but at least after that UNMARK IT until I get the DLC. Don’t worry, I intend to get it eventually, just wanna wait for a good sale so I might actually consider it worth the price since it adds seperate progression and game modes rather than adding to the awesome main game and other DLCs you have made.

  3. A complement, to break my negativity so far: Adding new classes is awesome, I like that idea, and I understand the paywall, though the cosmetic price nonsense I would consider a bit much. But I think this at least is pulling the game in the right direction, more characters/classes, higher levels with more talents. And don’t be afraid to rework the less unique talents if you ask me (having 2 super unique talents, and 1 saying +5 crit, kinda feels like only having 2 choices while the 3th one is a joke). Anyway, love the class additions so far, keep that part up please!

  4. Getting a specific bug text, probably from a mod since the update (see screenshot). This bug connects to the issue I have made in point 1, about the need for either implementing the approved mods in the main game, or simply taking them into consideration more.

  5. PLEASE approve mods more often that are reasonable. For example I have seen armory, that does what I need: Show me the skins before applying them. God knows why this isn’t in the game itself (as far as I know), but I have been waiting since years back for something like this. If you won’t add it yourselves, at least approve the mod (if there aren’t things in it that would hamper the game in any way).

Basically, just approve more mods that would improve quality of life in the game. You have done so before with many mods (that I turned of for now due to the bugs), that improve on the quality of life in the game with loads, and I notice how bad it is playing without them once again.

Please please please, more consideration for those hardworker modders and there awesome improvements!

Sorry for any “rantish” parts. I simply wish for the game to improve, cause playing the game is tons of fun.!

PS: figured out that the screenshot error is from one of the mods which apparently broke due to the update. This in my oppinion states the importance of the whole issue about mods not getting any love and being taken into account.

vermintide 2 error|690x344

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Found another “new” bug, first time I have seen this.
When playing with 1 friend, we had 2 bots with us on skittergate.
We were doing fine, but on our way back through the skittergate for the final boss fight, the bots were lagging behind.
Upon exiting the skittergate on the other side, the bots suddenly INSTANTLY died.

Usually when they get stuck or something they just teleport back to you or something (feels like a teleport, might just be speedrunning), but in this case nothing seemed off when looking at their HP gauges, until they both went instant death at the same time.

As me and my friend jumped into the “arena” to initiate the boss battle, they soon after respawned as normal on the ground in the corner, but as expected when dying, we lost our tomes that they carried, and therefor the perfect score I would have had otherwise (my friend still had the best reward, damn you ranalds!).

First time I have seen this though, may be the update, may have been a fluke, no clue what initiated this instant both dead.

Maybe they fell through the map?(I don’t know, just a guess)

That sounds like a bug that got brought back with 2.0 patch about a year or so ago where bots die when they cross the portal.It shouldn’t be happening now but I wouldn’t be surprised if it somehow made it back in into current patch.Is it happening consistently or just a one time thing?

Well with the latest patch me and some of my friends have been getting more errors again in general (backend error crashes and stuff), but I don’t play that often with bots, so I haven’t been on skittergate again to see if it happens every time or was just a fluke.

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