Unusually high infantry damage

I’ve been loving Cataclysm, but there have been a handful of moments where I felt as though I suddenly died out of nowhere. I believe I have discovered why that is. While on a run of Cata Dark Omen, I was hit once by a single Ghor infantry unit for 75 damage. Here’s the clip: https://youtu.be/gCby9eXEKoM. Also pay attention to how fast just 2 of them kill me when downed.

I’m certain this is not intentional, as that is an absurd amount of damage for such a trivial hit. For an elite? Sure, I wouldn’t even question it. For an infantry unit? No way. There are probably similar instances abound causing all sorts of frustration. Hopefully we see this fixed sooner rather than later. For now, play extremely cautiously around these guys; they’re hitting way harder than they should.


Oof, yep seems a little off balance… lol

You dodged to make room for a shot. What anyone would do. You were retracked, OR a new attack comes in before you are able to get your block up (at least if you were me in the same situation). Typical now that dodge isnt as effective, making it much harder to manage even a few enemies at a time

This is all balance though. Eventually they will find a nice medium I think. Dodge going from silly OP to maybe a little UP? Or maybe just a damage decrease for light attacks on certain enemies. These things WILL improve eventually imo


Well said! I definitely deserved to get hit there (IMO), but not killed. I just hope the numbers are adjusted before people are turned off by these falsely-perceived difficulty spikes.

Well… maybe. If it was from the one enemy that started his attack exactly .6 seconds after your dodge, maybe its dodge that needs a little buff?

But your right imo. Even IF dodge is where it SHOULD be, that damage from a light attack is too much

Good idea to post it on the forums though. Especially with an uploaded and linked video - well done!



The dodge is completely fine there. Its simply the fact that this gor attacked in less than a second 0:06 to 0:07 in videos time and did that much damage that is the problem. If you were facing say marauder you would of easily made that shot and had a time to block the attack.

It seems that Damage reduction depends on mobs sometimes not working. Even though how many mobs surrounded you, one gor’ hit takes your 70ish Hp.

Well, there were 3 gors, and only 2 really close to him. But yeah, something is defo wrong with their damage reduction when en masse. On legend their weapon swing does 62 damage when mano-o-beasto, and no matter how many I spawned I never saw it go lower than 50. Seems like a bug to me, but not sure. Created a topic in bug section and currently awaiting notification.

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I dont have footage for proof, but i played a lot of ib yesterday in upper weaves and i swear there are occasions when i get hit by a gor for around 70-80. For instance once I was alone, one hit me from behind without any audio but it seems that the damage is flat and not reduced by anything.

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Afaik it’s always been based on how many are targeting you, not how many are around you.

When I first played Sienna back in the day I had the problem where if I ran into melee to help an ally and only one or two of the slaverats turned around to target me I’d take ridiculous damage despite there being a whole horde around.

That said gor damage seems out of whack even so, like Whistlewind said it seems the damage reduction isn’t kicking in properly at all.


Just tested, maybe it’s on some rare situations only, but at least in all of my ~3 min tests damage reduction on IB kicked in.

Also, and unrelated sidenote — tested stagger on Gromril break talent, and it does shake of assassins and (after ~2sec) packmasters.

Yeah, gromril break works.
I dont know it sometimes does not work with the gors, but its difficult to replicate if i play weaves with so many enemies :slight_smile:

This has been discussed a lot on different discords. I’m sure it’s a bug or something… Although, clan rats hit for 50 damage pre WoM when on their own.

Also, friend fire is insane now. Even on legend. Sienna with a fireball staff can down the entire team in a choke point by spamming fireballs into the horde. You use to be able to get away with that, but people don’t seem to notice how much FF damage they are doing. Single fireball does around 10 FF damage :joy:

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MLG team killing. Saltzpyre was right about witches all along!

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That one who fired in my ass and bring me down to 10 HP from full? From what I’ve seen so far BH’s are the most annoying team killers since 2.0.


hagbane with ricochets :smiley:


Just don’t tell the guy called “Elf Hunter” on Discord. He found me the other week and slaughtered me lol


That’s another point I wanted to touch on. I really wish the infantry weren’t stealthier than an assassin. In Vermintide, I feel like 95% of the damage I take is from a single infantry unit sneaking up on me from nowhere and hitting me for insane damage. Just making them louder on approach would be fine. The audio indication that you’re about to be hit from a blind-spot isn’t really useful anymore, as even if you dodge after hearing it, you’ll still probably get hit considering the limited window you now have.

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I agree with all this. Today I received more damage from a slave rat (his weapon is a pointed stick) than from the hit of a Stormfiend. I think all light infantry units should cause less damage.


Shotguns used to be the worst, as I recall.

Yep totally true. I think its beastary mod that keeps track of the damage you take from different enemies? Anyway, slave rats were #1, accounting for over 96% of the total damage I ever took. I still say its true, pre AND post 2.0. Those slave/clan rats… most dangerous enemy in the game - DAMN they hurt

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