Heavy Gunners seem off... Can't put my finger on it

Is it just me, or do heavy gunners seem off? It feels like maybe they track more accurately than they used to through dodges and dodge slides, and they seem more resistant to stagger (particularly the scabs). Or something else, i can’t quite track it down, but it for sure feels different, and not just the damage grace period that was in the patch notes.

Am i off base here, or is anyone else feeling this as well?

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Something going on. Didn’t notice it at first, but they have been reliably killing me and much more than they used to. Maybe it’s just 4-5 of them simultanously locking on, though.

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Hmm not sure I’ve detected a difference! All I know is that since the patch I have had several instances where I’ve rushed heavy gunner groups of 3+ units and absolutely wrecked them on vet, psyker and ogryn. Not totally unusual, but I did make note of it. Maybe it’s a side-effect of something else going on, like extreme tracking on other players?

Is it the change to the damage grace period after toughness is broken? They can’t stun anymore but they will do more damage.

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I feel like part of it is the preformance issues…I did not remember having these problems before and have to change my settings and hope that helps.

Hopefully that’s the issue rather than anything weird with gunners, but if preformance issues have cropped up again, I would not be suprised if, again, there have been version management issues and we are dealing with a different type of gunner than before patch.

Could also be a stealth change to compensate for no more ranged stagger.

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