Is it just me or are gunners just ignoring melee threat mechanic lately? Like I will run up on them, melee them and they will continue to shoot me unless I stagger them. This is particularly true of dreg gunners.

They also used to reload occasionally but now they seemingly have unlimited belt capacity.

I dunno, they just feel off to me. And no, they were not nurgle-blessed. (a truly terrible mechanic given how much stagger and suppression resist it gives and the fact it does the thing I despise the most: turns things into damage sponges. But that is another topic I don’t want to get into)

Maybe they were always like that but now that the AI director can just spam elites at us and tends to default to gunner spam due to them having the least HP for elites (well shotgunners too but they at least don’t seem to ignore melee threat).


They can also spin on a dime if they are targeting you and you dodge behind them. They don’t track you for the dodge duration but afterwards…

I though Scab Gunners were the ones with the least HP, but I don’t see patrols of 15+ scab gunners.

Scab gunners do have less HP, but the AI director will favor one faction over the other at random. What I meant by dreg gunners being particularly guilty of this is because they are more stagger resistant for some odd reason. Scab gunners are pushovers and stagger very easily even from things like knife/cata light attack but a dreg gunner can shrug off a push-attack from those which if it doesn’t crit won’t kill and then they just turn and keep shooting.

I don’t particularly mind, I just don’t remember them having this behavior before. Like, they would always keep shooting and ignore melee threat proximity (which is directly against what the tutorial says, they need to fix that) but as soon as you hit them (before) they would turn and run but now they just don’t care unless you stagger them or suppress them (and they seem to have a suppression resist buff while shooting so that’s fun).

I was more saying that scab gunners do not come out in 15-man patrols of all scab gunners like dreg gunners do.

I already dislike dreg gunners because despite being less armoured, they end up being tankier and less staggerable than scab gunners as well as ignoring melee triggers and being perfectly accurate firing full auto from across the room.
But now 15 of them can pop out at a time and unless they spawn in smacking distance there’s a good chance you’d just get gunned down execution squad style.

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Good to know it isn’t just me noticing that they are not behaving as they should (i.e. running away when you get close with melee).

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There’s a plethora of “git gud” warrior on the forums that seem to be the only ones who don’t see this happening.

It’s been weeks that I dodge-run to the face of gunners and they keep shooting me while I hit them in the face with a sword.
But apparently I don’t know how to play.


Ur not wrong.
They overspawn (16+ no problem in 3 different corners)
When you get close half of them run away from throughs that open ONLY to enemies NOT to you, so they reposition
They still deal too much stagger considering its always at least 4 shooting at you

Fatshark is famous for f-cking up AI directors at random which makes the game unfun to play
And for a playerbase where a person with 40% winrate is telling people with 38% winrate to ‘git gud’ and then they proceed to die in exactly the same situations they were defending on forums.

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Maybe you should learn2play then.


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