Scab and dreg shooters feels like they have no delay between bursts

Scab shooters who has the ammo belt around them, and dreg shooters, the autogun users with yellow clothes, you know, the small fry enemies that are a lot of. They seem like they just shoot as fast as an elite gunner, like bursts with no delay between, and deals 50 toughness dmg in one burst. Like one enemy is able to shoot your toughness down in no time. Are they just an elite version of the normal traiter shooters that shoots a slow 3 round burst or are they just overtuned?

One of the moves the scab shooters can do is walking in a direction and just gunning down like a gunner, but in bursts. Really feels like an oppressiveness that doesn’t suit the enemy.

I might just be malding, but i’d really like if they got a look at, since they always catch my eye on their behavior.