Patch 14 Dregs

Has anyone else noticed that the dregs, specifically the gunner and rager, seem to have gotten way more durability out of the patch buff to elites than their scab counterparts did? Possibly more than intended?

I’m consistently getting dreg ragers and gunners surviving fully ‘CrunchThrust’ charged latrine shovel H1’s to the head with enough health to survive another H1 and H2 to the head immediately after- a combo that tended to kill both on the second hit before P14.

It’s possible I was just barely over a breakpoint that I’m now missing, but something feels off. Their scab counterparts are a little crunchier than they were, but still respect a fully-charged headshot… the dreg ones just feel spongy, these days.

I’ve certainly noticed that dreg ragers are tougher than they were. Not so much the gunners.

The ragers don’t feel too off to me. A big ball of them finally feels like an actual threat now that you can’t just gun them all down before any of them reach you. I agree that they do feel a little too spongy, but they could be about their stagger more than their total health.

Like, they just don’t seem to respond much to getting hit/shot on their way to someone. I don’t mind if it takes a ton to properly stagger them, but I seem to remember them kind of flinching or recoiling a little while they continued to charge, which made it feel like you were actually hurting them even though it wasn’t enough to stop them. That flinch/recoil seems either less common or less noticeable than it was.


Dreg gunners always had a little more health than scab gunners, which is still the case. Which one is easier to kill with headshots is entirely weapon dependent because the scab has flak helmet and the dreg has unarmored head and the weapons with good flak damage typically don’t have the most impressive unarmored damage. For ragers, same thing, but I think scab ragers are tankier than dreg ones for more weapons.

I kinda prefer them tankier because it makes me pick different weapons more often.
For ragers.
The Dclaw 4 can just parry them.
Heavy sword can neck slash them.
The combat axe is now suffering since I can’t just lock them down with lights and have be careful
The trauma force staff is now the best team support because I can just fling entire patrols of crushers maulers and ragers that are now actually difficult to deal with since they got stagger res.

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