Scab Shooters(Marauders or whatever) dont melee

Yeah the normal Scabshooter Infantrymen can stand in your Face and shoot u. This is super annoying for Melee CLass. They just wont switch most of the time.

Dregs are nice becasue they dont give a F… If youre out of Line of Sight they charge you. Even the Shooters which is Cool since they are not discipline Soldiers and more Hybrid.

I like it really much that Scabs stay disciplined at a certain Range, but when ur Facetanking them, they should switch aswell. Las does too much DMG at 4/5 and staggers the hell outta u. So u take too much Unnecessary DMG even if you did right in Rock-Paper-Scissor with charging them and “Forcing” them to Melee.

Shotgunners (both dreg and scab) are worse. It seems like they are designed to still pump two shells into you when you melee them before switch to melee themselves. It might be reliant on a stagger or interrupt to force them to melee, but as it is now it’s clunky and hurts a lot because shotguns do sniper levels of damage at close range.

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I agree they are crazy. But i like the Challenge.

If you ever have like 0 Shooters in your Face like 1m or less and they shoot it hurts… XD