What's special about Scab Stalkers?

I know that they are supposedly a melee combatant that actually just throws bullets at us with their gun, but what is really distincts them from other shooters?

For example, do they engage in melee for longer? Or have bigger “melee engage” range? Or they like to chase you?

Those kind of stuff, their general behaviour.

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Insofar as I can tell, it’s because Fatshark says so. That’s the reasoning for a lot of the awful, weird decisions they’ve made, because they can’t admit it’s just plainly unfinished and poorly balanced because of it.


What are you even talking about? I asked what is the behaviour of Scab Stalkers, not why they are not marked as shooters

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The Shooter shoot faster and use cover more, while both Stalker will often shoot without being in cover or kneeling and will switch to melee combat sooner than the Shooter


So to counter them I need to rush them? I am pretty sure even with those atributes them will gun me down in seconds.
Well, I guess corner camping it is, at least they come at me, probably

Run and slide, can Dodge ranged attack like that

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Well, if they are on the other end of the hallway it’s doable but really dangerous, and in open situations, it’s best to just wait them to group up or to just walk up to you, so you wouldn’t be shot from 360

They are there to give an extra challenge, 1. They have burst fire lasguns (regular shooter single fire)which in groups can deal massive DMG to yr team + they only headshot.

  1. They spawn with shotgunners.

  2. They can’t be marked with veteran’s counter fire skill so a vet player needs to be more skillful to priorities targets between them and shotgunners to continue the ult.

  3. They are tougher than shooters in health but has 2 less armor parts.

General behavior wise, I found no distinct difference with regular shooters in terms of melee engagement range but they are very aggressive and don’t take cover they just shoot.

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