Little disgruntled by new gameplay mechanics

If you can give me advice or youve done the content with a breeze offer me up some advice thanks.

-I am so used to playing this game with dodge mechanics on point, and just carrying baddies through legendary because I was skilled enough. Now, its not so much the case… the baddies go down, and instead of being able to save the day my dodge goes on cooldown, my block gets broken, and my ult is down.

-I really dont know what else I can do now that the carry mechanic i toted on for so long is gone. I know I know… this is a team game… but maybe the appeal to me was the glorified rambo and saving the team from impending doom?

-Now in order to do even Legendary everyone has to be above average players. I cant even begin to imagine what kind of premade/discord VOIP team you need for cataclysm.

-I also noticed there are different weapon changes that I cant quite put my thumb on but I know somethngs changed. I play saltz bounty hunter and when I AIM in with my volley xbow im literally locked in place now. this was not always the case. Why did they change that?

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I would focus more on staggering than dodge even though dodge is still a life-saver. Worry about positioning more and get used to them beastmen. Also, try to act like a team, focusing on front horde/back horde etc. It’s a lot to get used to and it’s quite buggy on top of it.

Myea you really need to start using shoves more between dodges to cover the window which was lost due to changes and really take every encounter with beastman enemies (especially with gors) extra safely since those tend to ignore everything you know about the game mechanics currently. Like ignoring stagger, hyper densin up and so on.
Overall it might help at start to stay bit closer to teammates for while till you get used to the current madness.

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