Unusually high infantry damage

Man I have been taking random BS damage and regularly going down and dying due to not only “questionable” hits, but I will try to summarize my experiences on CATA games:

  • unable to dash through monster on cata (elf hm)
  • completed dash but got hit mid-dash by minotaur swing (elf hm)
  • mysteriously having block removed mid-block and taking a full frontal hit for no apparent reason, with adequate stamina
  • mysterious mid horde hits from unknown angles and mysteriously invisible enemies
  • enemies attacking through incorrect terrain clipping
  • sudden controller unsync from the game, causing complete control failure requiring USB removal/reattachment
  • boss and enemy swings hitting character when standing behind the enemy
  • continued ridiculous special problems and glitches

Man the list can go on and on and on:

I must be a complete masochist because I play the game still, but my god I do die a lot due to crazy bugs. Many of them are really game breaking.

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Handmaiden’s ult was trashed in this update. The fact that we had options other than Gift kind of revealed just how busted its base form is, but at least before it staggered light enemies and did damage.


Well they trashed trying to play timed and methodically. Now random luck seems to rule the Cata landscape as if there is any.

Its not so much that Cata is a hard difficulty, it is not.

The problem is that the core game is so broken it takes some luck beyond skill to attempt it at Cata difficulty.

Hard to describe really my experience, because theres so much wrong and WTF type moments, I have mixed feelings. I like it but also very disappointed with it because the few times I feel like I did something right, I get unfairly punished by the game for it. And Cata just exacerbates this.

I haven’t tired of it yet but Cata is possible to play: if the game does not rob you of a win due to some of the many possible broken scenarios that happens regularly

Exactly! I was amazed at that, honestly. You’d think it’d be something like Chaos spawn, some elites or whatever… nope. Slavebois. The game is all about audio feedback, so hopefully the just make it more obvious that infantry are approaching you so this isn’t a problem in the future.

Oh man, don’t get me started on the Handmaiden Dash. That should 100% count as a dodge the whole way through. The 10 meter long pack master poles are admittedly hilarious in retrospect, but boy are they frustrating in-game.

I really hope they focus their efforts right now on fixing bugs and balancing numbers. Things like that and assassin hyper-leaps need to be addressed already. I’m loving their ambition to produce more challenge and content for the game, but I hope they work on refining and ‘perfecting’ what we have now instead of working on adding more (like Versus mode).

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