1.0.7 Update - Expanded Patch Notes (Balance & Tweaks)

As promised, we’re providing more detail in to the balance and tweaks outlined in the 1.0.7 Patch Notes

Dodge tweak pass to remove kite-ability and edge-case slowdowns

  • Removed linger time vs. ranged attacks (was 0.2s extra after dodge finished)
  • Tuned dodge curves to maintain a slower end of curve to disallow chain-dodge move speeds above sprinting (no kiting for you)
  • Limited speed mods to only scale speeds above normal movement speed to ensure low-rolled mobility weapons don’t get stuck in place

Talent balance pass, bleeding, and grenade amounts tuned.

  • Tuned bleeds, stacking rules, durations, and damage output increase vs. Resilient and add the full range of stackable DoT functionality.
  • Zealot: Crit bleed talent, increased bleed stacks to 2 (was 1)
  • Zealot: Crit bleed talent, make crit bonus stackable 3 times - up to 30%
  • Zealot: Reduce movement speed on taking damage to 20% (was 30%)
  • Zealot: Increased toughness reduction for “Toughness reduction on crit” talent to 75% (was 50%), and increase duration to 4s (was 3s)
  • Zealot: Increased bonus from “impact on multiple hit” talent to 30% per stack, increased max stacks to 5 for a totalt max bonus of 150%. (was 10% and max 3 stacks).
  • Veteran: increased bleed stacks on a grenade to 8 (was 2) - half of max bleed
  • Veteran: Removed the ability for grenade impact to cause bleed. Only the explosion should cause bleeds.
  • Veteran: Reduce veteran “damage vs. far” talent to 20% (was 25%)
  • Veteran: Increased time for replenishing grenade talent to 60s (was 45s)
  • Veteran: Reduced proc chance for elite kills in coherency gives grenades to 5% (was 8%)
  • Veteran: Increased toughness on killing an enemy in melee with a teammate to 10% (was 4%)
  • Ogryn: Heavy hits cause bleed increased to 4 stacks (was 1)
  • Ogryn: Grenade cluster bomb talent now triggers on Resistant and Armored too
  • Ogryn: Increased number of grenade boxes in inventory to 2.


  • Tweaked specials pacing speed running values
  • Tuned down some ramping timer modifiers for specials/horde spawns
  • Tuned down the number of cultists spawned slightly
  • Tweaked up trickle horde aggro challenge rating threshold
  • Tuned down ‘HL-16-11 Chasm Station’ Captain spawns

Ranged Minions

  • Tweaked attack intensities
  • Tweaked melee combat range switch, scaled more on difficulties
  • Tweaked navigation on renegade assault
  • Tweaked close-range minion attack intensities on toughness break
  • Tweaked enemy ranged falloff damage reduction starting at 15 meters reduced up to 50% after 20 meters

Force Sword

  • The ‘push’ charge cost for the Force Sword has been removed, range of push reduced to 3.75m (was 5m).

Bump up for autoguns and autopistols

  • Autogun damage increased across ranges about this much: ——x----
  • Autopistol damage increased across ranges about this much: —x—----
  • Autopistol ammo reserve increased to 8x clip size (was 6x)

Ogryn club bumped up

  • Made ogryn club more mobile and increased speeds of attack chains overall. Big guy swinging.
  • Fixed issue with broken action chain to Grenade and Ability in attacks
  • Bumped and tuned damages on attacks:
  • Light swings first target damage range from 100-120 to 80-160, second target 80-100 to 60-120
  • Heavy swings first target damage range from 120-150 to 120-240, second target 80-100 to 80-160
  • Light combo-finish first target damage range from 75-150 to 100-250
  • Fixed an issue where Heavy starter (downwards) first target armor mods were using too low values. Set to a proper 100% vs. most things now, as appropriate for a heavy ogryn single-target bonk.

Ogryn shovel bumped up

  • Made Ogryn shovel more mobile and increased speeds of attack chains overall. Big guy swinging.
  • Autogun damage increased across ranges about this much: ——x----
  • Autopistol damage increased across ranges about this much: —x—----

I start to dislike this.

But i welcome the buff.

Which also reminds me: Is the retroactive or does this only affect newly rolled weapons?




  • Increase Autogun damage range from 40-100 to 60-120
  • dmg vs armored near-far mod from 60%-40% to 60%-50%
  • dmg vs berzerker near-far mod from 75%-50% to 100%-80%
  • dmg vs resistant near-far mod from 60%-50% to 100%-80%
  • dmg vs voild shield near-far mod from 60%-50% to 100%-80%


  • Increase Autopistol damage range from 30-70 to 40-80
  • dmg vs berzerker near-far mod from 90%-60% to 100%-60%
  • dmg vs resistant near-far mod from 50%-40% to 100%-60%
  • dmg vs voild shield near-far mod from 60%-40% to 100%-60%

Hey really nice! Thanks!

As i edited above: is this retroactive or do we need to buy new guns to be in effect?

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Didn’t the original patch notes say there were balance changes to the Psyker besides the peril on Force Sword push? Was that just a mistake?

Additional Psyker gameplay adjustments, including removal of a ‘push’ charge cost for the Force Sword”.

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retroactive bud


Yer spoilin’ me with two grenade boxes sah!


Top notch communication! Thank you very much have a nice day! :100: :star:

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What’s happening with the new missions that were in the “what to expect from the beta” roadmap?
Also, what about psykers? I feel they’re a bit lacking with their traits and abilities.


new map rotation when?


A very bloody update.

Can we have a glossary for terms e.g enemy types and status effects in the game please. Vermintide players and 40k nerds (like me) can get by without it but it’s a needed QoL if you don’t want new players feeling overwhelmed/clueless.

I hope you plan to have a look at the Revolver and Heavy Stubber because they feel very weak in comparison to other weapon options.


Regarding autopistol. Is the resistant damage meant to be increased while braced?

Summoning @Ratherdone for some of the more nerdy (no disrespect intended, I’m just a bit out of my depth!) questions (and Psyker questions!)


As someone pointed out on the discord, hitting the ‘Sort’ button in the Shop instantly crashed the game.

I don’t know how that happened, but I tried it and straight up crashed the game. Funniest thing ever, but I don’t think many people will have that sense of humor.


Works like a charm.

How many tics and how much damage is a single stack of bleed supposed to do?

Because in the meat grinder, attacking causes a set of 6 tics of damage, yesterday it was 5 tics for a set, and the damage rate seems like it’s set independently per enemy type. Yesterday damage tics were something like 9 for most infantry types, 2 for the armored Ogryn, and 24 for Bulwarks and Reapers. Today it is 1 - 5 damage for infantry guys, 4 for armored Ogryn, and 25 for Bulwarks and Reapers. Attacking them repeatedly increases bleed damage; around 20 - 30 max damage against the smaller guys and specials, 20 max against Armored Ogryns, 160 max against Bulwarks and Reapers.

I don’t get what’s happening or why the damage numbers read the way they do. Is an attack supposed to cause 4 stacks of bleed at once or are you saying those attacks can now stack up to 4 times?


The Ogryn’s Bull Gore feat is doing exactly 3 tics of bleed for 1 damage (2 on bulwarks/reapers)

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How long we have to wait fix bug (renamed internal error)?



Quick thing, when are you trickling toggle to aim in please? Cheers!

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After some testing with the zealot on the dummies in the meat grinder I don’t think the bleed talent is working . ULT into charged melee doesn’t proc it which should be granteed crit hit doesn’t do any bleed procs

It’s actually more involved than a similar toggle in I’d wager any other FPS game given how we chain inputs, but it is on the to-do list.