Unknown file version (vermintide2.exe), after Launcher

I bought Wind of Magic, by steam, pre-launch so I got to try the beta up to release.
Worked fine, until after the Patch friday. Then I cant log in to game any more.
Launcher comes up and I click play.

And this error acurse
“Easy Anti-cheat
Unknown file version (vermintide2.exe)”
“Unrecognized game client. Cannot continue”
Then I can fill out a bug repport, ( done +15 so far).

I dont use Mods.
Tryde to reinstall 4 times now
Tryde validating files 5 times now
Tryde deleting the hole folder with Vermintide.

Error code
GUID: 3ffe1d03-e401-426e-99c8-cc2840f601e2
Log File:
Info Type:

Playde +95 hours in the game so far, last run was the new essens waves runs and in the last it bugged and we did not get any.

Been searching for a fix, on your forum and on steam with no luck

Please advice