Crash on launch since game purcahsed

Hi, I have never been able to play the game since i purchased it always crashed on start up the big update the error message has changed to;

Unknown file version of (vermintide2.exe)

and a different back says “Launcher error unrecognised game client. cannot continue”

I have a bug code

GUID: 06d64f82-13ad-4aad-9d35-f3aff7fccc83
Log File:
Info Type:

I have tried reinstalling, verifying steam caches and a updating all the software I could think of but still no dice,

can someone suggest a fix?

If you re using DX12 instead of DX11, try to turn off the nvidia experience overlay (that if you want to run the game on DX12, if not it should work in DX11), it worked for me, hoped it work for you.

Also i have reinstalled the graphic drivers before, using a clean installation, then disabling the overlay and thats it.

Please see here.

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