Launch Error: unrecognized game client - EAC: Unknown file version (vermintide2.exe)

GUID: e275e44c-701b-4b1b-8696-c00c44e2eb17
Log File:
Info Type:

I have had some trouble looking for a solution for this on the forum for about a week now. It started a day before the new major update came out and has sent me the same problem up till now. After many trial and error (re-installing drivers, checking windows, re-installing game multiple times, trying to use EAC to repair the game) and i havent gotten any luck. I installed the game on another pc that i own where i CAN get into the game, but it’s not meant to be a gaming platform.

any suggestions?

Do you use Bullguard Antivirus? Try making the Vermintide 2 folder an exception in the AV.

Yes, and it fixed the problem. Thanks for the help :wink:

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