Units spawning in view/super close

I just watched an entire patrol of gunners spawn in the middle of the square a beast of nurgle chased me into right at the beginning of Chasm Station Logistratum. This… is crummy for a lot of reasons. Stuff should not spawn this close. There was no chance to respond to anything, it was just suddenly a disaster.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
5 minutes ago.

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual – 25%.
I see something similar probably every third mission or so. It’s not just on Chasm station. Stuff spawns close enough to see it, and it feels janky af when it screws up the run.

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I’ve seen this a LOT lately since the latest patch. Lots of big groups of enemies spawning directly on top of players, including in one case, we had a demon host spawn right at someone’s feet along with a squad of carapace melee.

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They say it’s just Nurgle, but I sense some Tzeentch trickery too.