Demonspawn spawning issue

Hello there, I encountered an unfortunate situation in the game the other day. I played a round with randoms and we had the worst luck in the round. We had a demonspawn spawn in a location where it was impossible to get around it quietly, there was only one path forward to progress and it was positioned in the hallway we had to go through. We already had 1 team member down, and it woke up as we tried to sneak by eventually causing a wipe. I don’t think it was necessarily a “bug”, hence why I am posting here. However as you can imagine it is very frustrating to be forced into a wipe scenario. The mission we were playing was the scanning mission in HB-16-11 and it happened when we tried to go up a level to get to the next section after doing the first couple scans. This is the first time that this has happened, so I don’t think it is a common occurrence, but hopefully if the locations it can spawn are tweaked a bit; it can be avoided.

Report here with a screenshot, name of the map:

Yeah it was definitely cool the first few times, but now has turned into this “Oh god, i hope the randoms on my team know not to go poke it” sort of encounter now. Personally, I’d like to see them rework them to fight differently. Demonspawns are supposed to be possessed psychers right? So why not instead of them basically be a carbon-copy of the witch from l4d, why cant they float around and cast telegraphed aoe attacks or other such mini-boss style fights? That way its a bit more engaging to fight and doesn’t require pigeonholing players into certain builds (thank the emperor for you shield ogryns out there). I don’t think they need to leave the game, but making it so that they are more avoidable or at least making it so that its not a face-humping 2-3 guaranteed player killer would be better imo.