Unit Licensing and Variety

@Fatshark_Hedge Any chance you can divulge the limits of the specific licensing you have from GW? I’ve always assumed w/e you had covers, currently, everything that is Empire, Skaven, and Chaos related but I could see them charging more depending on how broad the license granted was. Also, despite the passing references to Bretonnia and Sylvania in VT1, I’m guessing there’s nothing in the licenses that would currently allow Breton/Vampire units/lore/plot, amirite?

Just wondering if the full gamut of licensed faction units/lore is on the table. Eg. Down the road, could we potentially come upon an event with a Hellblaster Volleygun, or a Steam Tank, or a boss battle with a Doom Wheel or a Chaos Knight?


I would be very interested in this as well. But, do they need more licensing for Sylvania units? What would stop them from adding a new character to the group, like Genevieve Dieudonné? I mean, they have Kerillian in the party, it’s not like you see any other Wood Elves from Athen Loren or units from there. I know technically Athen Loren is in the Empire at least between the Empire and Britonnia, but then again, so is Sylvania, isn’t it a province of the Empire on it’s eastern flank?


Good points. As for the Sylvania thing, my guess is that they can allude to it as a component of the empire but that GW would keep a tight grip on reference to anything in relation to the vampire counts, so basically anything else about Sylvania other than passing mention of it being a component of the empire. I could be wrong, of course. They definitely seemed to be leaning towards Vampire Counts / Undead factions in VT1 what with the Sylvania References, Drachenfels stuff, how the Skaven were seemingly harvesting corpses in the Garden of Morr level.

I could see them having different licensing tiers for the specific degree to which each faction is employed. It would make sense, considering a VT game that featured the Ubersreik Five meeting any of the more iconic heroes/villains of the lore would have better earning potential, especially if they keep the story going and eventually retcon the End Times (please do) like Total War did. I also assume this is why Total War DLC packs cost as much as they do.


It might make sense from a cost point of view to just buy the odd one or two extra things for the current factions. Plaguebearers, nurglings, Even deathglobe Globadiers or some other minor change to the currennt lineup. Peronally I’d like to see something that is best dealt with through melee rather than ranged like a chaos warrior protected by nurgle sigils that deflect or destroy incoming projectiles. Not removing ranged, but making some melee playstyles far more valuable. I guess this is balance rather than licencing though…

I’d rather NOT have another playable character as adding a vampire to the current lineup (Salty joining forces with Geniveve?) would break the current dynamic between the characters and I’d much rather have more careers, like dwarf Longbeard or Elf Wardancer.

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Would Salty really have that much of an issue with Genevieve Dieudonné? She’s allowed in the Empire and saved the life of the Emperor. He even gave her the title of Heroine of the Empire.

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Yeah he might be accepting, I just used that as an example of how I think it might break the solidifying team ethic they’ve got going on and it might dilute the character growth and interaction that is quite a fundamental part of the whole character of the game.

I’m afraid there’s not much I am permitted to reveal about our agreement with Games Workshop <3


Ok, bummer. Thanks for letting us know anyways!


Can I just have a nurgling to follow me round in the keep please? @Fatshark_Hedge

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