Two words to drastically improve the game: Weave Illusions

Hear me out. I know this is the first time you’ve heard this. But, what if, just…what if, you could use the weave illusions in the normal game. I know this is a radical idea, but what if we tied those weave illusions to achievements in the Weaves? It’d make people want to play the weaves, and it’d allow people to enjoy the absolutely awesome illusions in the normal game.

Thanks for checking out my totally originally idea. I look forward to hearing why this is impossible.


i see it


I see it


How would you tie it in to unlocking with weaves though? If it was like the frames, players would get the rewards with their group (if they have one) and stop playing just like now, so getting a group to unlock the illusions would be almost impossible for players without a group like it already is. If it’s kill count, players would just spam recruit weaves quickplay probably and move on. I think it all needs more drastic changes still.

Instead of making it achievement related, one thing they could do is to make each weave difficulty give a certain ammount of “illusions essence”, scaling up with difficulty, up to legend (or cata, because its a cata dlc kinda). This way there would be a little bit of grind to it, ofcourse balance it out so that it doesn’t take months to get.

The issues you mentioned about a group is also true outside of weaves. Premades can get their weekly quests way easier and faster. Someone who is alone or doesnt have alot of quickplay lobbies close to him, struggles aswell. The argument could be made that weaves are more difficult then a vanilla map and that bots are worse on them due to wind interactions.

The recruit issue will never be fixable. Also not really an issue in my eyes, but thats beside the point. You could make those “illusions essences” scale with difficulty which would encourage players to play higher difficulty, this could in turn also lead to toxicity, so its not ideal either. Another thing which would be more in the middle would be to make those “illusion essences” rewarded with time spent inside a map. So for example: i play a legend weave (it caps at 30, for example), so every minute you get 1 “illusion essence”, caps up to a certain amount and just rewards max ammount when completed faster. If this scales with difficulty, so recruit 10; veteran 15; etc, this could help alleviate the problem of having a team. Yes it would still be faster to do it with premade, but thats not really avoidable, unless you just wanna give every difficulty the same reward amount + use this time based system, which is a fair choice.

They could then even increase it further and tie those weave illusion rewards to ranked or leaderboards, or achievements in general.

  • You could finish in a certain spot on the leaderboard, e.g top 10, so 40 total rewards given out each season. which could be instead of unique rewards (as alot of vermintide players are againsts competition and unique rewards it seems) just 1 free weave illusion of choice.

  • They could make it so you get 1 free weave illusion of choice when completing a frame. So 1 for frame at 40 weaves, one at 80 and one at 120. This way everyone can get one. its not competition based as leaderboards would be and players who push more are rewarded more.

  • They could also just give them out just by doing general weave achievements. This way players who just play quickplay have a chance of getting a free weave illusion aswell, this would be limited and not be a choice, or maybe not, both could work.

So this way you can obtain weave illusions by playing normally, while also giving increased rewards every season or an extra incentive for players to play each season.

Another thing they could do is also give those “weave illusion essence” in normal vanilla games, as a reward on completing a map (like its with the athenor essence)(still needs to own the dlc to get them though), this way players who don’t wanna play weaves and don’t wanna feel forced can just play normal maps and if we combine that with the ranked/leaderboards/achievement system where you can choose 1 free weave illusion (or craft), this could increase incentive in weaves for players who do wanna get them a bit faster, and players who don’t enjoy them can also get them.

Just some ideas, its late, i might of missed something.

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It’s different with Weaves because you need a group to even play the ranked mode. I’m not talking about the differences in speed at getting the reward based on if you have other players, but not being able to get those rewards at all. I just don’t want them to ever tie illusions to content that they make so difficult to get a group together to do like they already did with the frames.

Again, that goes against my point entirely because I think Weaves are still hampered by the requirement of having a group. I think players who are already in Discords and dedicated groups don’t realize how much of the player base is quickplay/random games only. They just need to allow bots in ranked while not allowing groups with bots to be on the leaderboard.

Personally if they aren’t going to take the time to revamp Weaves in a way that truly incentivizes more players to try forming groups or get rid of the requirement entirely, I would rather they just add all illusions to the Emporium. A lot of posters complain about there not being any good cosmetics in there to spend their shillings on still. edit: Unless they’re planning on tying the illusions in to some achievements in the new Chaos Wastes DLC, which I’d be down with too, but then you’d be obtaining cosmetics from a different DLC which would require you owning the previous one, so probably won’t go that direction.

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Or completely scrap Weaves as a separate game mode and replace it with the Weekly Event.

So in stead of getting 40 hand crafted short maps with 8 possible winds that gets repeated up to 160 based on ranked difficulty, you will get a random normal length map with a random wind at the difficulty you CHOOSE. The Weekly Event was abandoned immediately after being introduced. So, why not replace it?

It would work just like the weekly event QP but would give you a random wind modifier on a normal regular map and even though it won’t be as hard as Weaves are now, at least you’ll be able to find a group.

I would hate to see Weaves get destroyed but it’s better to save it than to let it die completely.

This would also mean no leaderboards. Seriously though, we just don’t have the playerbase or the rewards to even bother with them anyways.

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Honestly I would not be so happy if we started to add too much bright illusions… they aren’t lore-friendly and they can make the game Fortnite-like (more and more eccentric and showy).

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There’s a way of getting the weave skins in normal matches, i’ve met a Saltzpyre yesterday that had them. A group member asked him how he got them, but he wouldn’t reply, meaning it was probably a glitch of sorts.



The first part was for every type of weave. Quickplay included. I haven’t played s3 weaves, but didn’t they add bots to quickplay or am i mistaken? If they haven’t, then it goes without saying to add them. Also a lobby to find ranked games aswell.

The second part would only reward players who can play with a premade a bit more. But those were just ideas, the last one on the list would help even solo players get some rewards faster.

Also you cannot get around a scripted, scaling gamemode to be more directed towards premades. That’s just how ranked weaves are. Yes they can introduce an ingame mm system to help solo players and add bots. There is also a solo leaderboard if solo players wanna compete, or duo. Which lessens the group requirement even more. But ofcourse its not ideal.

I don’t see how my ideas i suggested would not work.

This post gave me a wet dream last night. Good idea!


Mutator mode. It could replace weaves, deeds, and the weekly event in one go. Pick or random a map, pick a wind if you’d like, pick some combination of vanilla modifiers, and you’d be good to go.

I haven’t played Destiny 2 for about a year and a half but it has (or used to have) a system for Nightfalls where you could pick a series of modifiers both positive and negative that stack up a handicap, which could in turn be increased further to bump up the overall score modifier. That might mean nothing to some of you but I think the model could be emulated.

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That could work!

The last time I played Destiny 2 was back in March and they still had Nightfalls. It was, by far, my favorite mode to play in that game.

I like this idea.

very offtopic but oh man destiny 2 is a game that makes me sad

it had so much potential :^(

anyway back on-topic it would be nice to have the weave illusions as some sort of unlockable reward


Destiny 2 wasted a lot of resources making those big semi open segments of planets but people don’t enjoy exploring them since theres nothing to discover, it becomes a nuisance that in lategame gets pretty ignorable, wich is a shame since thats probably costed heavy bucks production wise.

And the storyline is just god awful, i only play it for raids, but whenever the game forces me to replay a single strike mission i just go back to vermintide, if i am gonna repeat missions i rather do it in a game with more variants and a gameplay that is challenging.

I wish vermintide had a raid equivalent, something like zelda’s dungeons, that 5 people could do it and would require some team coordination in order to complete.


Seen them in normal mode too usually cheaters/hacker methods not good idea to follow until approved… used to be a method of having bardins head on Kerrillian too very unimerssive… would rather more unique skins then shiny ones…

@I2ain that could easily be a weekly mutator

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