Weaves - how to make them interesting and how to get a never ending fun + cool rewards

Forget about seasons, forget about weapon and skill grind.

You start a game of weaves. You choose 3 things:

  1. Weave type (wind)
  2. Weave difficulty
  3. Weave parameters/mutables.

Weave type

This is self explanatory, you pick one of the 8 weaves

Weave difficulty

By setting the difficulty of the weave you are adding points to the reward pool - reward which you will get if you beat the weave. Let’s say that Recruit will add 10pts and Cataclysm will add 100 pts. Please don’t argue about the actual numbers, this is just theory crafting.

Weave parameters/mutables

Now we get to the fun part: Imagine deeds, but as a part of the weave. You add up your own things, you create your own set or rules, and by adding additional parameters you are effectively adding more points to your pool. Add more frequent hordes, +50 points. Add more elites + 100 points, etc.

If you beat the weave, you get the whole pool, all the points. Let’s say that you picked Azyr weave on Legend difficulty and you’ve added more frequent hordes and stronger/faster elites. You get 500 points for beating that specific weave.

Points and rewards

Slowly but surely you gather points and then spend them in Emporium for NEW, not old not recolored, N E W skins, new portraits, trinkets, keep decorations, unlock more interesting/funny/crazy parameters and mutables, I mean whatever, the sky is the limit. Needles to say, really cool stuff should be really, really expensive. Expensive as in, you would need to beat 10, 50, 100 weaves with a really high reward pool to purchase those items.

What do you think about it? Would something like that made you to play the weaves again and again? Would that be more interesting than the current system of weaves?


Great suggestion.

I enjoy the weaves now, but could care less about the whole leaderboard/season thing… but this change you suggest would make me absolutely love the weaves.

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I enjoy them too, but I don’t enjoy planning the grind so I don’t have to worry too much about essence gain. I also don’t enjoy playing with a new group because no-one ever (myself included ) want to go back and play already completed weaves because it lacks a rewards.

  • one person in team completing for the first time = full essence reward, would be the simplest solution.

As of now it feels like a total waste of time unless you’re actively trying to introduce someone to weaves.

I would also like if we could “print” weave weapons to the real world and use them on campaign mode, much better than the old crafting system that requires several reloads to get the traits and stats you want, with the weave gear editing you could make the perfect weapon sink several essences on it then bring it to real life.

It could cease the bitching on the crafting system, make it consume essence and 3 emperor’s vault or something.

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Bad idea, people will always force easiest weave to play, thats not the goal

That can be sorted, weaves could have different base pool points ranked from easiest to hardest.

You mean like… selecting your own mutators for deeds?

That would surely be something. If only anyone had suggested something like this repeatedly over the last 18 months! You could even have merged the Deeds and Weaves into one cool thing that offered endless possibilities for end game content. Why didn’t we think of this before!


Yup, it’s an old idea, I know. But now it could be used to bind deeds, mutators and weaves together.

I made a thread about this but I suppose it got lost in the sea of threads.

BOTS! allow Bots!!! extremely important

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