Two-handed dwarf axe and dawi-drop buffs

anyway u can get a improvement on damage on two-handed axe for dwarf vs monsters by like 10% power, finding two-handed hammer, two-handed picking axe or duel wielding axes and hammers better.

dawi-drop is my favorite talent but it would be nice if that ability not only while you leap in the air but when you land as well it gives you like 1 secs as well before its ends, enough time to use on your target and will stay make it useful up close on your primary target while still making it not last long so the dwarf can’t just use it and run up to a target or using saving it for later.

still making dawi-drop needing to be used on your target thats close to you or whlie still making the ability fun and more useful for targets that are to close to you and it doesn’t do anything.

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Give the 2h axe some love and give us a skin that looks like Gotreks/one of Grimnirs rune axe!