Two games in a row with Chaos Spawns in tight spaces

In the first match on the swamp where you blow up the ball thingies, we got 2 blight stormers and a chaos spawn as we entered the cave after the bridge (first grim area). We tried to pull it outside because of the stormers+ hadn’t cleared anything inside. Stormer blocked the bridge and Chaos Spawn knocked 2 of us off.

In the second match, Empire, we got one as we dropped into the basement with wine barrels ,one came in from behind us. The start of the basement was full of Chaos Warriors and shielded chaos. We tried to push passed to get into a more open space, but died because we couldn’t push passed fast enough.


  1. Stormers that you can’t see
  2. 2 Stormers in tight areas
  3. Chaos Spawns in tight areas
  4. Bosses in areas you haven’t cleared, which you can’t retreat out of
  5. Shade has a better taunt than Bardin

Other than the RNG and AI director issues, my main problem with Chaos Spawn right now is that their unblockable PBAOE slam attack seems to have been sped up dramatically to the point they can do a 180turn and deal the slam damage seemingly before the animations are complete. It’s very obnoxious and cheesy. They already have their own gimmick and present their own unique challenge… they should have the exact same slam mechanic/strength/speed as roger when it comes to their basic attack.


Same issue again, but with a Rat Ogre. After the first grim and tome on The Screaming Bell, where you climb the ladder and drop into the marketplace. The area had at least 4-5 Chaos Knights in the area surrounding the tunnel and a Rat Ogre spawned as well as a horde.

The next map was Festering Ground again. At the start of the map at the bridge leading from inside to out, a Rat Ogre, bag rat, horde and specials spawned on top of us. As well as there being 3-4 Stormvermin already in the area. The next area had a Chaos Patrol and we had double Gutter Runners spawn and a Gas Rat spawned right in front of us as the Gutter Runner got someone. After this we reached the first grim, crossed the bridge and walked through the cave with no effort. As we jumped out of the cave the area was full of Chaos Knights, Marauders and Berserkers all standing close to each other. A horde spawned and all of the elites were pulled too. We had to pull back into the area we dropped from because we had nowhere to go and a Gas Rat spawned and killed us in the corner.

Spawns wasn’t like this the other day, it feels as if something has been changed again. Almost every time there’s a patch spawns are fine for a while and then after a few days they go berserk.

Stormers (like Globadiers) are still bugged… simply spawn off map and hit you. Anyway, IMHO, some boss like Spawn Chaos and Rat Ogre should not spawn in tight areas.

Another Rat Ogre right after a drop. Nice.

Only gonna queue Righteous Stand, I’ve had enough.

Silent Gutter Runners and Pack Rats

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