RNG Tweak? Spawn Tweak? Something Tweak?

In this screen shot I counted 11 Chaos warriors. There were also 5 executioners, a horde of Skaven and a Bile Troll spawn. All at the same time. Completely wiped us out in seconds. Off screen there were 2 more Chaos Warriors pummeling our Elf.

Even for Cataclysm, this is insane and unfair. The area the Patrol spawned was directly in our path in a narrow corridor, it was literally unavoidable. Especially with a Bile Troll forcing us to move. The bad timing of the horde spawn was just the icing on the cake. There needs to be some kind of change for the spawning of these patrols and monsters. I’m not exactly an expert on RNG in games that use such dynamics, but god damn not even high tier players could squeeze out of this situation unless you had the first field from Against the Grain to run around in.

This was taken in the Chaos Wastes.

Yeah cata difficulty spikes are vertical sometimes. We’ve wiped to assassins pinging around like multiball pinball machines, leeches left right and centre and the same situation you’ve described here.

My personal favourite is bannerboi spam in a corridor in the citadel.

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