Twitch Mode ideas

While I’m not sure of the direction the marketing team and Fatshark as a whole are going in terms of Twitch Mode, these ideas may hopefully shed some light on a players perspective. Some of my thoughts have already been shared, but I’m putting them out again so that people can get some better context.

I think there’s a lack of promotion when it comes to Twitch Mode now and that it should be incentivized and advertised much more. One good reason for this is that Xbox has streaming capabilities. Another is that it’s fairly unique and offers a competitiveness and interactiveness that other games don’t have for streamers. It can make uninteresting streams interesting.

The best thing you could do for Twitch Mode is make it more accesible and not ONLY a mode for streaming and facing Twitch.

Twitch promotion:
Almost all of the top games on Twitch are PVP or competitive in some way. Emphasis should be put onto how it’s ‘you vs streamer’ or ‘viewers vs players’. When you guys stream I’d even recommend doing bigger giveaways if chat beats you on Twitch Mode. Best of 3 or something like that. Create an atmosphere of inclusiveness.

Not sure if there’s been any Twitch Prime loot or any further trailers on Twitch either. I’d recommend a trailer more specific to Twitch Mode on Twitch.

Steam game page and website have no information on Twitch Mode. (have already informed Fatshark people about this)

Ideas outside of the game:

I have already explained and suggested using the featured streamers function as this site:

And improving on it by perhaps adding buttons so that people can vote.

An extension of this could be a Twitch leaderboard which focuses on how many negative spawns you beat. This should include other players using the same Twitch for their votes in different matches. Top streamer could recieve:
-In-game cosmetics (trophy/portrait/cosmetic perhaps)
-Tshirts, DLC, stuffed toys, models, art work
-Hall of fame for winners
-Hosts by Fatsharks own stream (unless they have questionable content)

Why these two functions?
They both give streamers chance to advertise themselves through your website (leaderboard and featured hosting). They can give a sense of competitiveness and community as you can help your favourite streamers on the leaderboard.

The leaderboard, or a leaderboard for different modes, with seasons, is a simple way of keeping the game relevant between DLC’s and big updates. It gives the impression of a lot of activity without really having to make big changes.

They are both outside of the game and something that could make it more interesting. A lot of this game is repetitive, so making those same maps feel important is key.

They also give streamers with little to no viewers the chance to be seen. Which is important and leads on to my next point.

Ideas inside of game:

Not everyone is going to get viewers or interactions while using this feature and it can be better used to make the game more fun for casual players.

A Twitch Mode bot. If people aren’t getting viewers, a bot or ‘dungeonmaster’ with an in-game voice, while connected to a Twitch, could be a simple way of letting everyone use the feature.

This is a big suggestion, but make a mission or mode without objectives. Where the objective is just to survive Twitch chat’s wrath until the end of the mission.

Allow a Twitch Mode queue, so that people can join with each other and face the same challenges as streamers. Or a matchmaking that groups people who are connected to the same streamer.

Make Twitch Mode more fun:
I’ve heard rumbles of a mod for Twitch Mode that will add things like power-ups and OP weapons for short periods. I think this should be white-listed and even recommended. I think Twitch Mode is a place you should be able to feel a bit cheaty. It should look and feel a little bit ridiculous so that it’s more fun. We’ve seen that the most fun people are having while streaming V2 is when they’re using ridiculous mods.

I’d even recommend either letting mod realms Twitch Mode loot be kept or making certain black-listed mods work in Twitch Mode and not other modes. This gives people flexibilty in how they can have fun with mods, but also makes Twitch Mode more appealing in the modded realm.

Loot and deeds in Twitch Mode need to be giving much more loot than they already do. The game is obviously made more difficult by Twitch Mode and people should be rewarded as such. You could even have deeds give a difficulty multiplier, so people can have an RNG chance at getting a bunch of chests at the end of a deed.

Another big suggestion is to try and get third person mods working. People being able to stream from third-person view is going to be much more enjoyable than FPS.

Additional thoughts on the website in general:

Last suggestion:
Free weekends or a demo. People will be put off by all the mention of bugs on the reviews page and something like this gives them the chance to see whether it’s true or not and to what extent.

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