Twitch Mode improvement

TL;DR: Twitch mode choices should not be 2 similar things, but two different things

I hope a dev reads this and that its not too late for this game to still get improvements :smiley:

So, we just started out vermintide yesterday - 4 men squad, got going, had a lot of fun. Then we discovered twitch mode. Since we were streaming anyways I thought “lets give it a go” - and it was a blast - audience interacted, sent monsters at us and so on…

Until… I realized something. We were not really interacting with the audience, but with the twitch mode. And thats because there is one flaw in this mode: It always gives similar choices. Choices are

  • Spawn Boss A OR Boss B
  • Spawn Elite A OR Elite B
  • Give Potion A OR Potion B effects
  • Give Enemies Buff A OR Buff B
  • Give Allies Buff A OR Buff B
    So mostly when twitch pops up its “Ugh we are going to get a monster - get ready” - but we didn’t really care about wether it would be a rat ogre or bile troll. So the audience interaction, while present, was quite low - twitch mode already decided: YOU GET A MONSTER; PICK YOUR FLAVOR.

Now, what would I propose to fix this? Simple: Mix things up. Good OR Bad, Bad OR Bad, Good OR Good - the variation is the key here. Some examples:

  • Spawn Boss A OR get Potion Effect B
  • Give Enemies Buff A OR Heroes Buf B
  • Give Sienna a Bomb OR Give Bardin a speed Potion
  • Spawn a Rat Ogre OR Spawn a Horde of Clanrats

This would make the moments during the descision much more tense for the stream, the stream therefore more enjoyable and enjoyale streams sell games, so $$$ for fatshark (hopefully :smiley: )

Now why do I think this would be better?
As I said, currently gameplay with twitch mode is: “Oh, twitch mode decided to give us a boss, guess we are f***ed… is it a biletroll? Is it a chaos spawn? Don’t care, its a boss”. “Oh we are getting a potion effect? Is it a strength potion? A speed potion? Don’t care nice buf yeah lets go on”

WIth the change it would be: “Ok chat, we are either getting a boss who will f*** us all up OR we will get a buf - please please please vote for the buf or we are f***ed” and malicous and beneficous viewers could “Battle” each other with helping or hindering their streamer. Also, the suspense of the event will last much longer. If I see “Chaos Warriors or Storm Vermin” pop up I know "Yeah ok heavy armor incomic, buckle up guys. If it’s “Bile Troll or Storm Vermin” - do we go to a narrow space to chokepoint off the storm vermin? Should we go to an open space to fight the bile troll? Will the votes tipp the result in the last second? We only now once the poll ended.

I hope I could make a point on why I think a more randomized twitch mode that allows the viewers more choice about the fate of the streamer and his ubersreik companions would be a great idea.

PS: If its somehow possible to edit this in the gamefiles myself I’d gladly do so - so far I could find some options in the gamefiles that refere to twitch mode, but nothing that would change this.


Not always. When I sit for half an hour and wait for a certain monster for Challenge, and then the “choice” falls out - the desired monster or some useless. Naturally, some useless will be dropped.

Also my notes about the inconveniences:

  • The need to enter the name of the active twitch channel to activate the twitch mod. This is just formality, easy to get around, but often 24/7 channels are closed, then I must to look for new ones.

  • Impossibility of private play Twitch mod + Quickplay, party checkbox is gray and “broken” just like in Quickplay Weaves.

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Wait, you had a choice that #A Monster #B Buf for you? Never saw this yesterday

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@Shadowdrab I played two games using the twitch mode, here are some interesting combinations I found:

  • Elites vs WoM effect.

  • Elites vs Even’s hell.

  • WoM effect vs Event’s effect.

  • Specials vs Horde.

  • Event’s Debuff like hell vs Specials.

  • Pure Happiness vs Specials.

  • Specials vs Monster.

Perhaps you are playing without Winds of Magic DLC?


I have a lot of fun playing twitch, but i think most players either don’t know about it or actually think it’s just for streamers.

I really wish we could get:

  1. Ability to activate twitch mode without connectjng to a twitch account.

  2. A twitch lobby to find other players that are up for challenge.

  3. Twitch portrait frames (similar to the deed portraits) to give players an incentive to try this fun mode.

Twitch mode is really fun, but I think the barrier to entry (a twitch account) and the lack of cosmetic rewards kinda makes people not even try it. Meanwhile, players are encouraged to play the consistently boring and sometimes downright broken Weekly Events for Shillings. Makes zero sense.


Correct. Weekly Events are just a formality. Make once per week for one “50 shillings” Quest and then forget. This is not good.

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I would pay for a DLC that just has this feature in it. Honestly

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