Twitch mode: lower the barrier to entry and make it easier to find players

I really love Twitch mode. It makes the game so much more fun, but it’s hard to find teamates (I’m not interested in pre-mades). I think there are 2 reasons for this:

  1. I think there is a misconception that the host needs to have a Twitch channel and be broadcasting to enable Twitch mode. I know this is what I thought for the first 6 months after the mode launched, so i never played it because setting up a Twitch account sounded like too much faff. There is a simple fix: Fatshark should just set up a 24 hour ‘fake’ vermintide 2 twitch channel and put the address as the default in the “connect” box in the lobby browser.

  2. In the quickplay launcher please allow players to filter in or filter out Twitch mode games. It would make it easier for Twitch mode hosts to actually be matched with players that enjoy this mode.

EDIT: Fatshark should also add some incentives, maybe a Twitch Play bonus similar to the Quick Play bonus to upgrade chests (so full book runs wouldn’t be necessary to get Emperor’s tier) and Twitch portrait frames similar to the deed frames.


I think it might be easier if they added a few drop down options to quick play in the game, and I would love it there was an option to turn off twitch mode. Its rather frustrating joining into mess…

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You’re limited to one Vermintide connection per active twitch session. If someone else is already connected then you can’t connect. Furthermore you can’t connect if the channel is offline, but twitch stays on in game if channel goes offline.

Like @Rat_Effer said, they could just make it a toggle and make the connecting optional.

you can use any active channel, just the choice will be random, I was using a dota 24hrs channel :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. I just use a 24 hour motorbike channel to play Twitch mode. It works fine as long as there are no “#” in the chat. I just don’t think most people are aware that “any” channel works and that all VT2 does is monitor the chat. That’s why it would be better if Fatshark set-up a Vermintide 2 Twitch channel and just broadcast something 24/7 (VT2 ads, security camera footage from outside FS HQ, old Fatshark streams…) and made this the default option when you connect to Twitch. A player just has to hit “connect” and it’s done- no searching for 24 hour streams required.


“You’re limited to one Vermintide connection per active twitch session.”

Couldn’t Fatshark just make the host’s chat take priority? When I am connected to Twitch but I am not the host nothing happens - my Twitch mode is basically disabled even though I’m still connected.

What I’m saying is that it wouldn’t work with just one hosted steam since it’s limited to one game session. They should of course be able to enable an “offline mode” , allowing you to use twitch content without actually connecting to anything.

Snd yes, I think it would be a good idea both with availability and with option to opt out (and maybe actively search for) twitch games.

Whenever I host QP Twitch mode, usually everyone stays. Players think its a riot.

I get tons of Friend request for people who want to play it again and think being friends with someone who plays it is the only way.

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