Two Twitch Streamers Twitch Mode

Is there a way that two Twitch streamers can play the game and link their chats so that both chats can vote in Twitch Mode? If not, I think this would be great since I like to collaborate with other streamers.

I am not into twitch stuff, but they said on their stream, that it should link automatically, if both streamers in party use feature.

Problem is you can’t do quick play if you connect to Twitch.

It locks you into the Twitch option in the mission selector and greys out the Quick, Custom and Deeds buttons.

In order to do Quick Play for the Quick Play bonus you would need someone not connected to Twitch in your group to start the missions.

Kinda wonky, but oh well.

I’ll have to give it a shot once I stop having the performance issues I get when playing in Twitch Mode. Right now I have one of my party members link to my Twitch and then it runs fine. I only have the issue when I am the host and link my Twitch. It might link automatically, I just wasn’t sure if that was already a feature. If it’s not they should look into adding it for sure.

I agree that quick play or heroic deeds would be nice to do in Twitch Mode. I can’t always get four people on at the same time, since I’m a very small channel. Being able to random queue would be beneficial for me.

I was able to test this last night and it worked great! Each streamer just had to enter their channels into the Twitch mode tab and everything linked up perfect. I still experience performance issues sadly with Twitch mode, but the vote linking functioned very well.

The pro TIP for this is:

You CAN connect to whatever stream that is ON actually and use that chat. You do not even need to stream.