Is it still possible to bring Twitch mode into Quick Play after 2.0?

I’ve been trying to do so but no one ever joins my lobby after connecting to Twitch and opening the Quick Play portal. Is this no longer possible?

Weird, pretty sure Walker had people joining his game earlier? Unless they were all from friends list?

Should be possible. I have joined a couple of twitch lobbies through QP this week.

Host activates twitch - someone else from the party does quick play.

It’s possible to quickplay Twitch. The game seems to prioritize placing players in on-going games rather than keep lobbies, so starting a game can get people faster.

If you play cataclysm it could just be that no one is joining. The playerbase for cata is so incredibly small. I have the same issue you have when I host regular, non-twitch games and there is usually only 0-3 games when I look at the worldwide server browser.