Twitch mode

if I host, twitch mode appears to work as normal
but lets say I join a qp and someone else is hosting, then we all finish that map
then I start up QP in the same lobby, host mode is checked before I start the QP session with all players accepting, get into the map but twitch is not activated. This was not case a few update patches prior to the current patch currently.

Just wondering if there is something that can be done to have twitch option available across the board regardless of how you set up the session/lobby custom game

As far as I remember, you always had to have the host connected to Twitch and the host’s settings for Twitch is what was/is used. I think they do that because if clients were allowed to do the Twitch too in someone else’s game, you’d run into conflicts within the game.

This is so you can still stream on YOUR channel joining QP games without actually having the twitch stuff happen if you want.

In short, you must BE the host if you want to trigger the Twitch counters. If you are the host and there’s at least one other person there, you can QP and it’ll start a QP game. If you are the host on your own you need to start a custom game, otherwise you’ll join a QP game a client and not get the timers trigger.

I can always activated QP with the mod QP host regardless if someone else is in the lobby
but also puts QP and host together, thus letting me do the twitch also I get that.

What I am saying is, you join on someone in server lobby, wither its a QP or custom game
once the map is done, and they all want to try the twitch mode game play, why could the person who has an active twitch ready to go to enable such a feature in the game can not start the next session with it activated. That is the point am trying to get across. That to me seems broken.

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