Twitch integration

I’ve been having trouble connecting to my twitch while I stream, I’ve tried turning off all mods, chanting my stream key, Uninstaller and reinstalling, and opening ports required for Vermintide 2

I’ve had other player host and connect to my twitch and it worked right away for them

Not sure what else I could do to help correct this issue

I believe that all that’s needed for Twitch Mode to work is for you to input the channel name of a twitch channel that’s currently streaming.

So let’s say your twitch is MonkeyBoyBennett_live or whatever, then you’d start the stream, then while the stream is going you’d go to the twitch section in Vermintide, and input MonkeyBoyBennett_live and hit ‘connect’ and that’s it.

Doesnt matter what you do. Twitch for the normal game is broken atm. You can click on connect all you want, the little symbol in the lower right corner doesnt show up and the votes in game never apear.

Yes, but it doesn’t connect, it just says it’s “connecting” until I quit the game

It’s reportedly very broken with Quick Play at the moment, but it sounds like your issue is more to do with establishing that initial connection with Twitch. Did it work for you previously, or are you a new player?

It has worked for me previously, it stoped working about 2-3 weeks ago

I’ve had to add this to our database for investigation, apologies I don’t have any immediate solutions for you. :frowning:

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