Twitch Votes stop working in the middle of the game

Hello there,

I have strange problems with my “TwitchVotes”. Unfortunately, it often happens that the votes in the rounds work wonderfully, after a while, then again not anymore, the distances where they work are also different. I’ve already tried a lot.

  • new installation of the game
  • Firewall off
  • antivirus off
  • No workshop mods
  • some udp and tcp ports for vermintide 2 unlocked in my router (ports from external homepage)

Unfortunately, nothing has brought …
I do not know how to continue.
are there certain settings that you have to set in your stream program?
any ideas?

Yours sincerely

Hmmm, we only allow one vote per viewer, per voting window (I hope that makes sense!). Could that be the issue here?

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