[Suggestion] V2 Stream Team/Twitch Drops

Note: I’m not a streamer but I do enjoy watching V2 streamers.

Some game developers work with streamers to help promote the game and the streamer’s twitch channel and I feel like that would be a good idea for Vermintide 2 to try to keep people’s interest in the game and to possibly bring new players as well.

1.) Official Stream Team
Fatshark could allow streamers to apply to be a part of an Official V2 Stream Team which would give any approved streamers a banner to place on their Twitch Channel. Some perks for this would be that Fatshark gives these streamers keys for the base game to their viewers for their Twitch givewaways. Also, special events that would allow for a chance to get a Twitch drop simply by watching for a minimum of 10 minutes or more. Of course Twitch drops will not be guaranteed but would allow people to be more inclined in watching streams to get some goodies.

2.) Twitch Drops
Fatshark could create a new type of box that could only be obtained from watching streams. They can call it anything they want like Sigmar’s Treasures or Ranald’s Boon (note I am bad at naming stuff). These boxes can contain items like Heroic Deeds, Cosmetic Items, or a small purse of shillings to be used in Lohner’s Emporium. If a player watches a stream and obtains one of these drops, it will be waiting for them the next time they log into the game. Most Twitch drops do tend to take 24 hours before the player gets them and will usually get an email if they had indeed were lucky enough to get a Twitch drop from that stream session.

3.) Special Streamer Designed Portrait Frame
This one here is FuPlaayz’ idea and I really liked it so I’m putting it here. He’s idea is for streamers to custom design portrait frames to be approved by Fatshark and to allow them to infect their viewers with these frame by completing a single map with that particular streamer. The same way the vampire teeth frame does from the Halloween event. This will not only intrigue players to ask where you got the frame but also promote that streamer’s channel and possibly get a chance to play with them to obtain that unique frame. If Fatshark does the Official Stream Team, they can only allow those who are members to create portraits. If not, then they could allow any streamer to custom design a portrait frame to be sent in for approval by the Fatshark team. Since the last 2 events were cancelled, these streamer frames could alleviate the pressure from Fatshark to create new portrait frames and still keep the game feeling fresh with new cosmetic items.

I personally feel like this would be a step forward to help keep the game interesting and potentially keep the game alive for years to come :heart:

I do think that this is something that Fatshark should try to explore. It has been successful in other games so why not this game?

I do apologize for the long post. Thank you for taking the time in reading my suggestions to help keep the best melee game alive! I’m not saying that the game is dying so please refrain from that type of discussion. This is just a list of suggestions to hopefully prevent the game from dying and to entice new people to come join the fun!


Unfortunately no streamers of this game have a large enough audience for this to make a difference. Warwitch will have a couple hundred when he is on, otherwise the High Stream will typically have less than 20 viewers. V2 simply has negligible Twitch presence.

They would need to reach out to larger streamers to make something like this work. And honestly, the game isn’t in a state where I think they should advertise it.

I do not want an Ice Poseidon portrait frame in Vermintide 2. I don’t think streamers should impact actual content within the game.

More ways for Fatshark to collaborate with the community is always a good thing though, the “official stream team” is a good idea.


That’s not true… many nights I hope on and see Fuu with ~80 viewers late at night, same goes for Crak and Moopshark. Warwitch can have anywhere from 400-3000 watching. Goof guy and Hello flower, etc all have pretty healthy streams. I mean… you have V2 streamers getting twitch partnership doing pretty much nothing but V2.

They already do some of these things you asked for. Streamers are given codes during DLC releases to do give aways with. Pretty sure ishka was even streaming off the official V2 Twitch page for a while.

Your other suggestions are pretty cool, would be interested in seeing some of them happen.

I stream vermintide 2 in my free time sometimes and I really enjoy interacting with the fans that pop in and say hi.
This would be a really cool feature for fatshark to implement but I don’t think it would happen since like someone said, the game doesn’t have a large enough presence on Twitch.

Twitch Mode and further Twitch Support was only relevant after the game’s release.

Since then the game has roller coasted downwards in popularity and population so further support towards Twitch at this time wouldn’t make much sense. I’m surprised they added more options to the mode.

I love your suggestions and would like to see them implemented.

I don’t understand people responding and saying “Twitch attendance is low, not worth it”… this would boost activity on twitch, more new features to use and stuff to earn for streamers and watchers alike is good incentive and it would get more people doing it


Thank you! I really enjoy watching Twitch streams for V2 and after hearing Fu’s idea about special infecting portrait frames by completing a map with a streamer, it really got me to think that this could be a way to not only boots the streamer’s viewership but get more people interested in Vermintide :smiley:

Also, there’s a guy who just recently bought V2 and he had thousands of viewers and over 250k followers. His name is IAmSp00n and while people were watching, the viewers were going out and getting the game to play with him. He mostly streams other games but got V2 just for the Twitch integration. He really likes the idea of his viewers controlling his game.

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