Promoting certain streamers on frontpage but not others

Hey, i noticed the frontpage did promotion directly towards some community streamers, but i don’t see any of the one’s i follow there. Is it in good FS spirit to promote some, but ignore others ?.

I doubt their is ill intent behind it.

Suggestion: If you know any Streamers you would like to see promoted then:

  • Mention them here for Fatshark so they can take a look into them
  • Contact the Streamers and suggest them to contact Fatshark to see if there is a chance for their content to be promoted

That said, it is probably impossible to give everyone a chance but I would start with making both sides aware of the chance.


yeah i guess you got some good points.

But why promote any streamers at all, it would be unfair to only choose the popular one and the others that are trying to build up essentially will never be viewed in favor of others getting promoted or am i wrong?.

just my opinion but fatshark should not promote stream pages on frontpage unless it’s their own or they have contributed with mods or build content for fatshark itself. it creates unfair grounds for others that might want to chase for viewers(not that anyone watch v2 anyway) :smiley:

in the end they do whatever they do :). but just saying.

That’s an odd take. There are games out there like tarkov that regularly promote random streamers and its definitely not an issue in that community. Maybe just maybe the streamers you watch are not being promoted this week but are going to be in the future?
Dno to me this seems such a nitpicky thing. This game is not exactly known for its streaming side so any exposure can only be a good thing.


wetmagic, jtc and cheese all make guides for verm in one way or another. fu and moop have been established streamers in verm for a while. you dont really want to feature a streamer that you dont know, might be a brand risk, or just not play verm much (like the face of fatshark contest). the streamer represents fatshark, and the game when they are advertised on the launcher and featured in the dev broadcast section for steam. you dont want some nobody on there, nor someone who is just negative about the game


Only content creator I am really baffled about not being featured is PartyKnife and he is by far the biggest one - albeit he hasn’t been active anymore the last few months (but is now coming back, yay) so maybe they wanted to promote new content only?

by what measure, i just looked him up and he close to 800 followers on twitch,
while both fuplaayz and moopshark, are around 7500
haven’t been active for quite some time on twitch/vermintide2 but i never heard from him

he’s not a twitch streamer, but a youtuber. has 12k subscribers on youtube.

He puts out high quality guides. (Or used to do so frequently - nowadays almost everything is covered so he slowed down)

Quite a lot of his guides reached >50k views and most of em are around 25k