Trueshot Volley zoom in bug

If Waystalker uses Default/Loaded Bow/Kurnous’ Reward version of Trueshot Volley and zooms in with Waystalker perk Asrai Vigil before action_career_hold, you will be forced back to non-zoom sight right after entering auto_chain.

Video demo
In this video, Career Skill is bound to Z and Weapon Special(in this case trigger waystalker special zoom perk Asrai Vigil) is bound to C.
0:00 When zooms in after action_career_hold/during auto_chain, Asrai Vigil works as normal. You can tap Weapon Special key to zoom in, tap again to leave the zoom.
0:40 When zooms in before action_career_hold and using Default/Loaded Bow/Kurnous’ Reward version of Trueshot Volley, after taping Weapon Special key you will zoom in temporarily. But once you enter auto_chain, you will be forced to exit the zoom state.
1:55 Piercing Shot version of Trueshot Volley works fine.


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