Waystalker's Ult Is Not OK

Years have passed since I first saw this bug and only now I managed to record it properly. Thanks, Nvidia.
Waystalker’s career skill, Trueshot Volley, sometimes refuses to lock on to any target and acts like I have Piercing Shot (I don’t).
I witnessed it in regular games, in Weaves and Chaos Wastes as well. Still not sure how to reproduce it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Waystalker.
  2. Press F from time to time.

Here are two videos, both were recorded in Chaos Wastes post 4.4:

  1. I aimed at assassin, ulted and missed completely somehow.
  1. I shot random gor hoping that arrows are going to clean area 'cause I was getting lazy, but it didn’t happen.
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