Bug report: Kerillian's Briar Javevlin

When I use Briar Javelin on Waystalker, I cannot use the Asrai Vigil enhanced zoom. This is only notable because the Javelin has no zoom of its own, so it would be very helpful to be able to zoom in. In Taal’s Horn, I have pressed the button with the javelin equipped, nothing. Pressed while javelin was being held to aim, nothing. I switched to a bow, drew an arrow, pressed the button and the perk worked fine. I have replicated this with a couple other things, and it seems to be exclusive to the briar javelin on waywatcher. Interestingly, if you go to sister of the thorn and use the briarwood staff and press the weapon special button, it actually zooms in despite her having no perks which would make it so, which tells me that it’s built in to the staff.

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