Troubleshooting/Validating - Microphone/Voice communication - Is it working?

Issue Description:
The game has limited yet straight forward voice communication options.
No sources selection and with the options Disabled, Push to Talk or Voice Activated that the full extend of it.

I’ve a system setup with multiple microphone ‘options’ as a selectable source.
Tested Windows Default Communication device correctly set as well as with all recoding device disabled, except for the desired recoding source. Thus far, I’ve had not confirmation from fellow players that voice is working (chat confirmation) or other confirmation through voice.

During Beta Voice was set to disabled by default and it’s unclear if this is still the case upon release that voice communication by default is turned off. Does the ‘disabled’ choice, block/mute all and any voice communication for all players?

Currently, I’ve no means to test, confirm and validate the ‘correct’ operation of any input recoding device and am somewhat lacking ‘control’ to fine tune settings to ensure others hear my correctly

Crash Report (If Applicable):

Error Displayed (If Applicable):
No Errors

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Steam/Windows 10

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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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It should work except in the Mourningstar. If it’s not working, it’s an issue.

What part of it is expected as working.

Since I’ve not yet had confirmation from other players, that my voice/microphone is working, I’ve not other means to validate.

As for question of having voice communication set to disabled, what exactly does this do for the player/client side of things? Only disable his end, to ‘not’ utilize any recording device, but still able to hear others use voice or does it disable ‘all voice communication’?