No one can hear me in voice chat

I’ve joined at least a half-dozen games in the last 2 weeks and no one can hear me in voice chat. I could hear at least 1 other player in voice chat but they couldn’t hear me. I reset all of my options to default in case there was a conflict from an update I missed because voice chat previously used to work for me with no issues, but that didn’t help. Why isn’t in-game voice-chat working?

Is everything set up appropriately in Steam’s voice options?

Open ‘Friends’ → Select the cogwheel icon in the upper right-hand corner → Select ‘Voice’

Oh, does the game use Steam for voice chat? Like the options in the overlay? I don’t remember it being that way before. Everything was set to default in those options so I targeted the specific microphone I use and that didn’t fix it, though I could hear myself in the microphone test. It’s also set to open microphone instead of push-to-talk, not sure if that matters, but different games have different push-to-talk buttons so I’m not sure how that would work. I also tried playing a different game through Steam and it didn’t seem that anyone could hear me there either, though I can’t say for sure.

Bit obvious, but just to make sure: It’s not set on “push to talk” and / or you got the button for “push to talk” set correctly?

Only just read your post correctly, sorry. It’s just that that was my problem once, and I figured others could learn from my mistakes…

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