Unable to use voice chat

Error displayed: N/A
Crash report: N/A
Steps to reproduces: It is a consistent issue
Mission name: Every mission
Platform: Steam
Player ID: Righ Dearg
Reproduction rate: 100%
Screenshots: none

Synopsis of issue: I have been unable to use voicechat since day 1. I have push to talk enabled. I have ensured that my default audio device is set properly. I have ensured that I am using the correct push to talk button. The game has no in game setting for selecting an audio device, so I cannot check to even see if the game is using the correct audio device, or has selected one of the many “dead” audio channels on my computer. (I stream from time to time so I have a lot of virtual inputs/outputs that would go nowhere when listened to as they are JUST for input into programs). I have a friend who has gone through all the steps I have and has had no luck with the voice chat as well. It’s honestly kind of disappointing because we have encountered some very nice people while playing and have wanted to talk back, but missions are to hectic to use text chat very often. If anyone has a solution or something I missed it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I would like to redact this request for assistance. apparently even in a party you don’t get voicechat in hub. In mission we seem to have audio again.

same issues here

Select something other than say “push to talk”, exit the settings, go back into the settings, then select “push to talk”. It may work straight away, or you may need a restart of the game. This worked for me, and I’m using a soundcard, which others have said is a possible cause for the issue.