Voice Chat cannot be used

Since a few days ago I can’t use voice chat anymore, no matter which key I rebind it to, the little icon doesn’t appear and nobody can hear me. Steam recognizes my mic and nothing has changed on my end.


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Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:

console-2023-10-01-21.07.31-65bf870d-7046-40aa-b6f5-fcc5ee2ad834.log (443.0 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (836.1 KB)

Are you using RTX Voice or any other software that manages microphone input?

I had a similar issue when I first tried to set up voice in DT, and the problem was the game using the system default (which was not correct). Somewhere in Windows settings, I had to update the per-app sound settings to use the correct device.

Interesting, I am indeed using Voicemeeter. Do you have nay idea where in the windows settings I can choose on a per app basis which thingy to use ?

Ye, if you open the Settings app, go to Sound, and the option is under Advanced Settings at the bottom; I didn’t look at it for too long, but it was only showing me active applications so you’ll need to start the game and alt-tab out to change the setting.

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Thanks dude, that did it

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Np, happy to help! It’s rare that I get to put knowledge from such a specific scenario to use :joy:

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