Trollhammer torpedoes

We need them.

-High damage with a modest blast radius
-Low ammo count (maybe 5)
-Short range

Basically mini bombs that wouldn’t be as good for clearing hordes but could damage bosses and armored targets.


Disagree. One weapon should not give a class a whole new role. There are careers, that specialize on boss killing: Huntsman, Shade, Bounty Hunter. As for armored targets, crossbow and handgun do already exist.

This weapon can be implemented as some middle ground between a flamethrower and a handgun, but its effectiveness against bosses must be limited. This can be achieved by damage and/or reload speed.

But it could slow bosses movement speed or reduce their damage as a bonus - that would be fun.

Shade, bounty hunter (and pyro) do not specialize on killing bosses, they can kill everything well, not just bosses. So I don’t really see what the big deal is.

Besides, using the low ammo count trollhammer to do boss damage, killing chaos warriors and shooting at pairs/groups of stormvermin means that your ability to deal with specials (grudge raker) or hordes (flamethrower) is compromised so it’s not op either.

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God forbid IB can do some boss damage. I would love this as IB ranged options often feel redundant and very team dependent.


Seems legit. You’re right, this might work out. Still I think reload time should be significant.

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i think its a good idea but it should be a boss killing weapon and only effective against large enemies like CW and should have very limited ammo like 5rounds. It will be a double edged sword the price of killing bosses over everything else.

bring in doomseeker weapons if anything.

Too little ammo to be useful.

It should be available and it should be balanced to do just like what’s on the lore. There’s no reason not to implement weapons that exist in the universe, specially cool weapons.


Hell ya trollhammer torpedo. I can imagine it chunking bosses up or flying down a hallway plowing through a horde like a bowling ball

Except, you know, balance. I think steamtanks and celestial wizardry are pretty cool myself, but I can hardly go rolling around in steamtanks calling upon meteors to come vanquish my enemies. I mean, according to you:

Sienna is woefully underpowered by those standards as well.

So much exaggerating.

Though this argument makes even less sense.

Straw man.

As far as I know Wizards cost far more points than the others yet the devs managed to adapt one to Vermintide, with very strong gameplay, without WIZRD R OP !1!11!!11!11.

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Balanced to have a lore appropriate function.

I agree with the second sentence. I don’t agree with the first one.

Very good idea. IB lacks range-boss killing potential. Low ammo count would be viable balance.

When every other class has so many options for single targets to multi targets and boss killing. If you pick trollhammer you could roll with hammer&shield and not feel useless at all.

Very good synergy.

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