Question about the Trollhammer torpedo block

I’ve been trying the weapon and loving it.
While I’m not complaining about the block-push feature (it doesn’t hurt) I’m not really seeing the point of it: it resets your reloading process and so (since the shooting process itself is very fast) i don’t really get why I would not just swap to melee. If you can’t shoot or reload it, having it out seems a bit useless to me. Am I missin something?
Can it block boss slams like shields do? Should it?
As a 3 shield weapon without its own block cost reduction I think that’d be a good addition without being totally OP, but maybe I’m missing something. What do you think?

EDIT: I think it would be nice if this particular weapon could block ratling fire and bosses’ slams.
You could get a bit more use out of it, and the lack of additional stamina-BCR talents would prevent abuse.

The weapon has quite low range due to the fact that the shot falls down really quickly and like u said the reload is long. Probably is there to give u a way to block when reloading when u get jumped by enemy, or when u want to go in face of enemies block push them and shoot. The only thing I dont like is the fact that this weapon has block and crankgun doesnt. If Torpedo gets it Crank Gun should definitely get one too, especially since how vulnerable Engineer is when holding it, swapping to melee to block isnt fast enough to react with. They could add block for Crank Gun as special attack button.

It isn’t really low range though, is it? I mean it’s gonna be very hard to aim accurately, but if you shoot it with an elevation angle it is going to land really far. In fact, from the maximum angle (45 degrees) it’s such a long range that the projectile is going to explode mid-air before it lands. I was able to shoot the dummies in the keep from oleysa’s position near the weave portal (so my shot would fly up a building) :smiley:
Hardly unlikely to score such a shot in a map, but still, the potential is there :heart_eyes:

You gotta think of it as a grenade. U can throw it really far but u need to aim really high in order to do that. Torpedo is more short-mid range weapon due to that fact, unless u learn how to properly shoot long range and how high u need to aim. Due to long reload and “short” range u have block, blocking mid reload with torpedo is way faster than switching to melee and block. The reason why Crank Gun should have block.

Yeah I agree with that, but (even if it’s handy) I wonder if it’s not just better to switch to melee: you reset your long load, and it’s not like you can do anything with it. If you needed to block, then 9/10 times you’ll need to kill that guy with a melee weapon, as it’s not too likely your companions will kill that particular enemy for you.

Youre talking like youre suppost to run with torpedo blocking all the time. You’re not. “I wonder if it’s not better to switch to melee” yes, but when enemy sneak behind you and is already mid attack its way faster to just block with Torpedo in your hand rather than goin to melee and block. Block isnt there to be push spammed or used in place of melee, its there to give u faster reaction time when u get caught during long reload. But then my question is why Torpedo gets it ? Why no other range weapon gets it ? Like Throwing Axes or Crank Gun ? Both of these weapons would be capable of blocking and both of them would improve a lot if they could, especially Crank Gun.

Yeah. I’m not saying this feature is entirely useless, just that it would be a lot better on those weapons, as you could parry and throw, parry and shoot an enemy, while with the torpedo, unless you are being attacked just when you would shoot (melee shooting, which itself is a suboptimal move with it, due to the FF) it’s a bit useless.
On those weapons just blocking would be fine, but with the torpedo my suggestion would be to make it a bit better, and be able to deflect bullets and maybe parry a boss slam with it.
As it’s a 3 shield, no BCR weapon I don’t think it would make it OP. As it is, for this particular weapon, being able to block is a curiosity more than a feature (imo at least).

EDIT: It could also make sense, as the torpedo is the sturdiest and biggest of those weapons, together with the drakegun, but in the case of the latter maybe you don’t really want to hug an incandescent chunk of metal :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it would be fun gameplay, getting used to switching to the trollhammer just for blocking an ogre overhead, or to parry a few ratling gun bullets. As a weapon you rarely get to use (few shots) it’d see more use.