Please improve Trollhammer Torpedo block/push props

It has been already pointed out that right now Trollpedo blocking and pushing is 99.9% completely useless since is has the lowest stamina and angle values from IB/OE arsenal, I think it shares props with one-handed axe or so. So why use trollhammer block if you can always swap to (better) melee for that?.. It’s a trash right now.

Trollhammer Torpedo block/push need some unique mechanic and/or improved stats. Personally, i think it will be great to be able to block ratling shooting like a shield does, so some alternative builds will be possible. But not only that…

On link above there is another great suggestion

make the push count as a heavy attack. Or even rework the right click into a bash.

This would allow people to trigger some talents on IB (miner’s rythm) or OE (piston power), giving it an actual use (wide cleaving heavy attack push that comes out fast, unlike many heavy attacks).

Consider the fact that grudgeraker’s right click bash counts as heavy attacks, and actually triggers the talents mentioned.

Or at least improve stamina and push/block angle stats, i don’t understand why this massive bulky weapon which physically looks bigger than Bardin’s shields is so trashy in that sense