Troll too easy

The troll just gets deleted by almost any party, it’s stupid fast if there is a boss killing class in the game. I’m not sure if it’s the changes to the weapon damage, or if i’ts just his regeneration nerf, but the troll has not been a challenge of late.

Once I thought a troll fight meant a hard fight, now I’m pretty sure I could kill him with a rubber chicken.


darn, if only boss killing classes didn’t kill bosses fast!

jokes aside, sure, a troll isn’t much on it’s own when faced by 4 fully ready party members. i don’t know about you but my party still struggles when we trigger one together with a horde, elites and specials at the same time.

lol Sure, but the troll goes down like Wile-e-coyote off a cliff, resigned look, comical sign, canned laughter and all…

I won’t say in a corridor a troll can’t cause issues. (we have a player with low situational awareness which can cause problems getting the troll into a larger area.)

But once in the open, even with all those adds? No, the troll is not causing much problem, the sniper deals with the specials (mage, elf, saltz occasionally kruber.) 1 kites the troll, the others with the aid of the sniper deal with the horde.

The second issue, (more on large open maps) is that if some of the team goes down, unless a packmaster or a assassin show the faster characters can just kite until everything dies. There is a certain skill requirement for that though.

Isn’t called playing successfully? Jokes aside yeah the Troll is easier than the storm fiend now…

Yep, What mookanana said.

A chaos spawn or rat ogre seems more threatening on its own, depending on the area, but generally if you run away holding blovck theres no way for them to damage you, so one player can easily hold aggro while the others deal with the horde and specials. A troll on the other hand has some special tricks like the puke, and that brutal overhead smash, so you need to always be aware what its doing.

Additionally, the double up on healthbars really increases the amount of time needed to kill it relative to other bosses, in spite of the smaller HP pool. 4 players whaling on it gets past the breakpoint of it only occurring once during the fight, so its not as prevalent, but as soon as people get distracted by other things the time-to-kill balloons way out, leading to more hordes and specials spawning etc.

That said, I would agree with increasing its HP by 10-15% or so.

All bosses are easy with a good elf in the party with the hagbane? HM can delete bosses very quickly, solo. Hagbane + strength potion and it’s dead in less than 20 seconds with monster damage on charm and bow. Even if you don’t want to take monster damage on the charm, and go for armour or something instead. Still only takes about 26 seconds to wipe a Chaos spawn or stormfiend, etc.

As long as you have at least 1 dedicated boss killer in the party, you’ll sail through all the bosses. My party just clears up the horde and specials and leaves the boss to me. HM dodge talent also means the boss will never catch up to either. And if it does, ULT and it loses agro. GG

But yea, the Troll is the easiest right now. If it didn’t have that drop to it knees to regen skill, it would probably be the fastest to kill.

I agree that the combination of the Troll’s regen nerf and melee damage buff was likely a bit too much relief to the Troll troubles. The damage buff alone could’ve helped enough, but I also think that three seconds is a very long window to land the next strike. It frankly allows a minor mistake in between every hit on the troll. Two seconds of regen delay could’ve been better, still allowing beating on the enemy without it regenerating, but starting to punish mistakes made in dancing. If the player is good at dodge-dancing, they can land a strike about once a second, so even 1.5 secs regen delay could be justified. The few weapons that can’t always do that (Handgun springs to mind) already deal enough damage to beat the regen (and even then, the delay would give an additional edge).

I really hope that the longer beta tests that Hans probed for in Reddit get through, so that these kinds of changes can be tested in at least two implementations before true release.

Well, Troll was only challenging because he had enormous amount of HP regen. After regen nerf you can prety easily kill it with any party setup even with the lowest dmg weapons.

At the other hand we have weapon mutliplier buffs vs. bosses. Some of them seems a bit too much, especially new DnD/SnD infiltrate numbers on Shade, like 4-shoting bosses with over 500 dmg ult seems prety stupid, dispite I like Shade and played it a lot.

The 1h-damage buff, while well meant, clearly overbuffed shade, probably with no real intention of the devs.
As for the actual troll, I would have preferred that instead of shutting of the regeneration when taking damage, it would be far lower, but rise based on players within, say, 15 meters.
That would still allow a single player to kill it, but it wouldn’t make the troll so trivial.

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