Troll still damaging you when parry

As title.

I believe that is intentional for his heavy attacks (other bosses do this too).

Yes, it should be intentional… but I think it is unfair; maybe is my lack, but dodge is inconsistent.

There is penalty to dodge range when you chain them, depending on weapon.

As far as I know there are two reasons for this:

  1. Your stamina was not enough to block the entire attack, resulting in some damage being done to you.
  2. The boss did an Area-of-Effect attack (ground slam), which cannot be blocked. It must be dodged.
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same topic

no, it was in one of the patch notes i read but i think it got removed. expect it to be fixed in a later patch maybe.

A method that works pretty good for me, is trying to dodge around him while staying very close to him.

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as Daf above pointed out what is probable catching you out is the troll is unique in that you need to dodge close to him not away from him to avoid his heavy attacks, try turning so your dodging both to the side and towards him.

Dude are you being serious. Took me 2 seconds to look up because its on the SAME WEBSITE.

Some of the Bile Troll’s attacks would still damage a player even if the attack was blocked. This was a bit too punishing. We removed this effect on some of the troll’s faster attacks, like the shove.

found it, thx. i wasn’t thorough in my checking. 1.04 patch notes.

so the patch notes are still true, they only removed it on SOME of the troll’s attacks, not all.

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