Trinket Cooldown Reduction - Is it in a good place?

What do people think of trinket cooldown reduction? I personally find it to be underwhelming. Even on the longest cooldown times, where 10% is the largest time difference, it is still too small to be worth it. For instance: on unchained’s 180s cooldown, 10% only shaves off 18 seconds. Even 20% on the trinket might feel more useful, which would shave off 36 seconds. For unchained at least, the long cooldown time and the massive utility of the ult make the 30% reduction talent a non-choice.

What do people think of this mechanic? Would it be too much to bump the max trinket CDR to 15% or 20%? Perhaps it could be capped for the faster cooldown ults like handmaiden’s to avoid abuse.

it stacks quite nicely with talents that reduce cooldown by 30%

now that stamina regens a lot of faster there’s really no reason not to take cooldown reduction if you dont really care about crit %

But w/o -30% tallent it’s just crap, also there is a bug, when you load in the map your ult start it’s CD from base not including CDR stat, it cheapens this stat value on long CD ulties even more.

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