How Do Cooldown Reductions Affect Outcast Engy?

I can’t find information anywhere. Some people say it makes it charge faster, others say CDR is bad on him and he charges his ult SLOWER.

So what is it? Unaffected? Good. Or Bad?

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Tested it and it increases the charge speed from pressure stacks.


As far as i know it is supposed to do what Cheshire wrote above.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This advice seems wrong. Testing with Gromril Plates Shot and 5 stacks will let you shoot 13 shots whether you have 10% CDR or not.


First up, do not necro posts.

Secondly, Cheshire above wrote wrote the right answer (as far as i know) being that cooldown reduction makes it recharge faster.

Actually I’m pretty sure CDR on Engi doesn’t change anything.
Just tested :
without CDR, 5 stacks give you 26 seconds back ; with 10% CDR you get 26 seconds back.


Yeah I did a similar test today after seeing this post and got the same cooldown time for with and without CDR on trinket. It seems to either do nothing or have a weird effect we haven’t worked out yet. My testing wasn’t particularly rigorous but the fact you got the same result suggests to me that it does indeed not affect charge rate of pressure stacks.

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Oh fish its broken again :sweat_smile:

It is misinformation therefore worth correcting.


Original OP was asking a question with the post and had misunderstood, Cheshire was the one to answer and i faintly recall testing at the time and seeing that it was working like so.

But alas bugs have a certain tendency to return around here…and cooldown reduction not working as intended for OE has occurred before. It wouldnt be strange if some change somewhere else broke it again.

In my experience, it has never worked properly.

I always just assumed it did nothing because of the nature of Engi’s career trait.

Maybe the ult charge regen stuff from Grail Knight or Boons, but you should never build for that.

Yeah it takes like 48 seconds with the extended bar to go from empty and 0-5 stacks to a full bar with or without it, even in Chaos Wastes with the 10% grail knight buff 10% boon and 20% from the map. If everything is tied to build pressure each stack should have a slight buff until you reach the full whatever % boost you should have.

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