Tranquility + block cost reduction

I’ve been playing a lot of BW lately with a 100% block cost reduction build and what i find odd is that when SV push me, which is supposed to do no damage, my Tranquility resets…

Anyone experiencing this? Is the push doing damage now?

The game counts it as a hit, indicated by the red hit marker and hit sound. Thus, it makes tranquility reset.

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Yep it resets tranquility, there’s other things that reset it too that are really frustrating. 100 percent block cost reduction should be able to stop a push…

If you read the ability description, it says damage, not hit mark… Shouldn’t work like that or they should change the description

Yeah. How dare the game ruin my cheese?!


Its not cheesy. You “sacrifice” a lot of potential damage outuput, resistances, etc to be able to 100% block…

SV heavy, regular CW attacks penetrate the block… Why a push? Dont get it

Fatshark isnt exactly known for making extremely accurate tooltips. You dont have to tell me that.

It also resets Gromril Armor (IB passive) and that is really annoying

Dude, what kind of sacrifices are you talking about? Your other talents on that tier are complete trash anyways, including Centered, that gives even less venting than Pyro’s Dissipate, not to mention that it doesn’t work when shooting. You don’t care about offensive melee weapon stats at all, because you use your staffs for damage. And Necklace doesn’t give any damage bonuses, lol.

So what “potential damage output” are you talking about?!

As for resistances, THEY KEEP WORKING, even if you take damage. So you sacrifice nothing. You only lose your talent for a while and your cheese.

Also push, shocker, is specifically meant to break block. It’s his straight purpose. If it didn’t penetrate the block, what’s the point of having this 0-damage attack in the game at all then?!

Also notice please, I didn’t say that push should deal damage. I am not sure about it, honestly. But IT SHOULD penetrate the block, even if you have 100% block cost reduction. Block cost reduction means, that you pay less stamina for absorbing hits, it doesn’t mean, that you can absorbs hits that penetrate block in the first place.

Do you realize, that by your logic, it also should protect against all boss attacks?



YOU don’t care. I do. Necklace could have given me + health + curse resistance

  • 10% skaven + 10% chaos damage??? dah

The tranquility description says DAMAGE…SV pushes DONT do damage. This should not work. CW and Bosses use attacks that break block AND do damage. In these cases it works “properly”

Wut? Curse resistance? Dude, there is no curse resistance on necklace. And you can still get your health, because there is two properties on it.

Again, what? How? Wtf?!

They obviously do. That’s what all this post’s about.

Also, I am tired of whats, I’ll just skip it this time.

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Power vs chaos/skaven etc is on a charm not a necklace and curse resistance is on a trinket, so not a particularly good argument using those as examples.

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Taking Burning Vigor means giving up Rechannel, which is a huge offensive talent. Especially with fireball or conflag, it basically gives you two free fully charged blasts that take less than a half a second each to charge up.

Agree with you here. Obviously the SV push does some damage now (seems like 1 damage) or something, but this seems like more of a bug or bad design (similar to how ranger vet’s smoke bomb and other ults were/are doing one damage FF).

I think we’re both fine with the SV push forcing block to drop, but it shouldn’t do damage and reset tranquility.

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