Unchained Dissipate

I have a question to clarify.
All Sienna careers have talents for reduced block cost one way or another:

Battle Wizard: Burning Vigour
Reduces stamina cost of blocking attacks by 40.0% when Tranquility is active.

Pyromancer: Shield of Tarnus
Critical Mass also reduces the stamina cost of blocking attacks by 10% per 6 overcharge and stacks up to 5 times.

Unchained: Dissipate
Block cost is reduced by 50% when Overcharged and blocking attacks vent Overcharge.

Am I thinking right and for Burning Vigour and Shield of Tarnus
resulting damage to stamina = damage * weapon BCR modifier * (100 - items BCR - talent BCR)/100
and for Dissipate
resulting damage to stamina = damage * weapon BCR modifier * (100 - items BCR)/100 * talent BCR

Or there is bug and Unchained Dissipate talent should give you 100% block cost reduction if you have enough BCR properties on items?

I think its multiplicative with other block cost reductions.

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If I’m not wrong you should assume that all % based improvements to your character are multiplicative as opposed to additive… This should be the same for Critical Hit Chance, Block Cost Reduction, and Damage Reduction.

If you have two sources of 10% damage reduction and you are struck by a wild and whimsical Chaos Warrior for 100 points of damage, I think the math goes as follows:

(100 current incoming damage) * (.1 as DR#1) = 10 damage reduced. 90 remaining incoming damage.
(90 current incoming damage) * (.1 as DR#2) = 9 damage reduced. 81 remaining incoming damage.

Despite having “20%” Damage Reduction, you really only have 19%. You get diminished returns as Damage Reduction grows; to the root of the conversation, I think that Block Cost Reduction would likely work the same way.

Wily Chaos Warrior whacks your shield for 10 stamina and you have two instances of 20% Block Cost Reduction, so:

(10 current stamina damage) * (.2 as BCR#1) = 2 stamina saved, 8 remaining stamina damage en route.
(8 current stamina damage) * (.2 as BCR#2) = 1.6 stamina saved, 6.4 remaining stamina damage still coming at you like the End-Times.

But cant you get to 100% block cost reduction with 40% battle wizard talent, 30% weap and 30% neck implying all of those are additive with each other.

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I’m not entirely sure if you can; I have operated under the impression that Block Cost Reduction is not additive. Assuming they are additive, then I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t achieve 100% Block Cost Reduction.

Can confirm 100% block cost build on BW. You can do the cheese build for BW, 100% block cost, just face tank an entire CW patrol. GG

The UC talent is not working properly or its description is wrong. The talent tops out at around 20% BCR.

You also use to be able to get 100% block cost with Pyro as well. Haven’t tested it in weeks tho, it might be like UC now as well.

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Hi there!

So this all comes down to how the calculation is made for block cost reduction, specifically for the Dissipate talent of Unchained. All other sources of stamina block cost reduction is run through the same calculation. But the Dissipate talent runs it’s own calculation to determine how much stamina should be reduced after the block costs have been established, after reductions.

I’ll look into this and try to sort it out, thanks for bringing it up!

Best regards,
Kasper - Game Designer


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