This started out as a reply to @FatsharkLev in a different thread, but it got long and probably needs its own thread.

May not be worth it now, but what do y’all think about a trainer system to help players learn mechanics recruit through champion don’t require or a pseudo challenge to get more players looking closer at how mechanics work so they can ascend the difficulties?

Micro challenges, like the Rune Stones in Doom 2016. Could frame it as speaking to Olesya puts you in a training arena to do something class specific.

1st ex: Class specific challenges.

  • Huntsman with only one bullet, no access to talents, predetermined gear, has to range kill a certain amount of Stormvermin/Shielded Vermin and a Chaos Warrior. This teaches ammo conservation, accuracy, and handgun’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Handmaiden with a concentration potion has to res 3 downed bots while under pressure. A time limit can be added to reveal how that class also synergizes with the Revive Speed property.

  • Ironbreaker with a shield and a lone cliff has to aggro and kill a patrol in under a minute.

2nd ex: a challenge or challenges to teach how power vs work.

  • Stagger a Chaos Warrior out of an Overhead Attack on Legend/Cataclysm. Footknight and Unchained can do it that i remember. With Footknight you can put a message “You need more power” to get the player thinking about power versus and then talents. With Unchained you’d have to specify which ult talent first and then message advising more power until the player learns.

  • Other ways to teach breakpoints could be having Witch Hunter Captain breaking the guard of a shieldvermin and killing them with a single headshot charged attack (crit disabled).

3rd ex: probably the meanest one, but a challenge or series of challenges to force players to survive and dodge dance enemies, mixed hordes, bosses, and disablers. Go the extra mile of cruelty by forcing them to be slow characters with a shield. If I can use an anecdote as an example, Fortunes of War has a plethora of obstacles that can spell death for the situationally unaware, but those same obstacles make an obstacle course you can actually run through and avoid a pack of Chaos Warriors forever without having to block often by exploiting their pathing.

4th ex: Challenges to teach really niche and esoteric mechanics within the game or item management.

The biggest cons I can think of, besides being time consuming to make, is that literally all of these depend on the current game mechanics never changing, which was exactly what happened in patch 1.4 and again in patch 2.0.


honestly I’d just like it if our training dummies were updated to be more useful.

OR we get some sort of illusory training arena from Olesya, which we can customize with relative freedom, so we can get down and dirty with some concentrated testing/practice.

Also a library room or something in the keep that helps explain stuff would be a massive boon.

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I actually thought you were gonna suggest a coaching system. Like team fortress 2 has.

That idea would probably cost way to much resources and be way underused for it to be worth it or even considered looking at for fatshark, but i like the concept.

I think the above can be done simpler by a multitude of other things.

About your idea.

This is like a better tutorial right? I mean kinda like that.

For example you get introduced to the ‘book of fighting’ and that book contains a multitude of lessons which the player can go through. When choosing a lesson, he gets put into an instance, practicing that particular thing as much as he would like.

So kinda what some players do in modded to warmup or get better at a particular situation, e.g: kiting boss.

I’m not against that, i think a better tutorial should be something to be implemented, but i also think this particular concept would take way to much work. I feel like there are other things which take priority: such as; reworked dummies, some kind of ‘lore book’ which tells players about how the game works (high priority is to tell them about Rush intervention :wink: ) , an expanded or reworked tutorial which includes a little bit more things. Armory being default and learning to the player how to read it, adding hidden stats to hero’s etc etc. Alot of things to do, that would improve the game alot.

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I’m not familiar with Team Fortress :sweat_smile:

But, yeah, Tutorial+ is about what this is. Not sure if that makes the idea patronizing. I’ll take anything, though. It may not be accurate to say knowledge in this game is gated off, but it really feels like it is for everyone who isn’t using mods, going into modrealm, and visiting the forums every week, and combing through every thread waiting for someone to accidentally spill a crumb of information I wouldn’t discover in a casual playthrough. I need something that’s not the keep dummies with bloated numbers that are more obscure than helpful.

In that other thread that I came from, a statement I saw people repeating was them going out of their way to teach Legend players. That’s kind of f’d, like it’s great we got people who teach others, but why can’t it just be somewhere in game to learn on their own?

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The coaching system in team fortress 2 is basically, you can sign up as a new player or someone who wants to help, you queu up and you start spectating a new player and you talk to them and help them. Atleast thats what i think if i remember correctly. So basically coaching someone in a game.

I agree that its weird that its a game where building your own loadout is incintivized you don’t get basic info needed to make good and educated decisions.

If i didn’t see Jsat’s video about basic mechanics i would probably still not know half of what i’m doing right now, or atleast not understand why i’m doing it.