Meaningful in-game game mechanics tutorial

There are many players even in higher difficulties today who do not seem to have a good grasp of the in-game mechanics.

I would suggest in-game (in connection to the Keep?) scenarios where you can learn the following:

  • resetting attack chains, i.e. attack-attack-block-attack-attack-block etc
    • I’ve seen too many glaive wielders in Legend who go full attack chain
  • the “bopp”-attack, i.e. holding block while pressing attack twice (first is push, second is bopp)
  • dodge mechanics and dodge distances
    • DnD gives you “almost” twice the dodge as glaive
  • ranged damage falloff, i.e. that none ranged specs lose armor pen at range
  • headshot, crit and headshot crit mechanics.
    • i.e. crit almost always “pierce”
  • boss finesse attack reduction
  • DoT-mechanics, i.e. stacking, total damage, resetting
  • friendly fire
  • potion mechanics

And for avoidance of doubt, I’m not saying that you can’t learn these in the Keep today with dummies, available potion, a spreadsheet and a stopwatch. But that people are not learning the mechanics, so playing Legend on quickplay is quite a hassle since you normally can’t trust your party.

i always thought learning the nuances of weapon handling, dodging, and intricate game mechanics… IS the game lol. devs build a sandboxy type of combat system, it’s up to players to figure out the small tricks that get them through the levels.

if they can spare the time for tutorial training, that’ll be nice. it’s quite apparent to me a large number of champ/legend players don’t even know how to listen to specials, for example, or where the horde is approaching from, or whether they have triggered a boss, and WHAT boss it is based on the music, or how not to stand in a doorway so that people can shoot thru it etc.

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For many it is, but there are others who don’t think like that and I’m tired of joining high difficulty games where people don’t know the mechanics. Quick play is in essence dead to me.

Without saying too much, because this is still tentative, I’ve heard some rumours about Fatshark looking to expand the in-game explanations and tutorials along these lines. I expect this is very much on their radar, but that it’ll probably be a little while.

I think this is probably a good idea. V1 had pretty much no tutorial to speak of and you had to learn it from fellow players / self-teach… which honestly I liked a lot but I tend to be a glutton for punishment in my games.

I also think they could add tooltips / popups/more voice lines in Recruit difficulty to help people get the hang of things. Stuff like a popup that says “block + lmb to do a push-stab!” or something like that. I noticed they added voice lines for when someone heals when they don’t need to, and that kind of thing helps too.

But yeah, it amazes me sometimes in quickplay on Champion when someone will find a medkit and heal themselves when the grim holder is standing right there bleeding out…

i don’t think a tutorial will help these kinds of players.


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